Shiny Sink: How the Blog Came About

My Shiny Sink Started It All

As I dove into the blogger world, I scrambled at what I’m going to be writing about.  Being the first ever post, I decided to touch upon where it all started.  Where “what” started, you might ask?  My shift of perspective in life.  Starting a blog, first of all, came with this change.  I’ve always wanted to have a blog–a creative outlet, my own portal.  But I never really got to it.  I was busy, I have no time, I don’t have resources.  So many excuses right?  But when this “change” came about, I just went for it.  Why not?  Who and what is to stop me?  So here I am writing my very first post.  And it all started with–you’ll never guess it–my shiny sink.

Shiny sink to blog


2017 was not a good year for me.  I fell into a pit of darkness.  Anxiety was a word I thought I’d never use.  But I fell into the trap.  I had two choices: (1) isolate myself in my room 24/7, which I did, or (2) get out there and continue with life.  The latter was hard to do.  But one day I mustered the courage to go get up and move.  I tried everything to distract myself and get my mind out of the pit.


As I jumped from one distraction to another, I stumbled upon FlyLady and she literally changed my life–for the better!  I got interested in cleaning and organizing my home.  It just came naturally to revert to cleaning my house if I wanted to clean my life.  Plus it distracted me.  Her basic principle lies on the huge CHAOS that exists in our homes.  Chaos that accumulated overtime.  It wasn’t going to fix itself and not overnight.

Shiny sink to blog

Lessons Learned

I took home two major points from the lady:

(1)  Break everything down into smaller tasks.
(2)    In order to improve anything, change has to come from within.  [The most important part and the key to my life shift]

Point 1:  It’s very intimidating when you have a huge task waiting for you isn’t it? What causes people to procrastinate and not accomplish anything is basically that intimidation they feel in trying to conquer these tasks.  But if you break this ginormous job into smaller little pieces, it doesn’t become that daunting at all.  Trust me!  FlyLady saysBaby Step #1:  SHINE YOUR SINKand that’s what I did.

How having a shiny sink every night helped me through the darkest time of my life. A simple habit to do that helped me turn something negative into something life changing.

Point 2:  It’s also hard to do something when it’s not in you.  It’s hard to clean the house if you don’t like cleaning the house.  If you’re naturally a slob and cleaning was never in your vocabulary, it just won’t happen wouldn’t it?  But if you develop little habits [keyword: gradually], you transform yourself from a slob to someone who starts to care.  You start making your bed, pick up clutter, laundry, and the other dirty tasks we don’t like doing.  The Flylady said “establish a morning, afternoon, and night routine [which includes shining my sink, of course]” and that’s what I did.

I could go on forever on what this entails, but I’ll save it on the future blog posts that I’m looking forward to writing!  For now, we focus on where it all started–Me and My Shiny Sink.

Let’s Get That Shiny Sink

According to Flylady, you cap off your night by cleaning your sink and making it shine.  It serves as a virtual goodmorning greeting to you as you wake up and see a sparkling shiny sink.  Try to do this every night and you’ll notice the transition of yourself into loving developing healthy habits in life.  This is where everything got started for me.  This tiny simple habit of shining my sink rippled to other bigger and better habits.  I actually look forward to starting my day and doing all the habits I want to develop.   So go on and try it.  Shine your sink!


◊  Spray with white vinegar

 Sprinkle with baking soda and allow to set for about 10 minutes

 Rinse with boiling water

◊ Spray again with vinegar and wipe clean

◊  Buff with olive oil using a rag or microfiber cloth

◊  Do this at least once every other week or as needed

Note: If you incorporate cleaning up your sink into your nightly routine, you wouldn’t need to do this deep cleaning that often!

It probably doesn’t make sense for now but trust me, this is where it starts.  This is the step that will be the basis of your entire growth.  It doesn’t have to be your sink.  Start with something you want to work on—things like doing a load of laundry once a day, waking up early (see my post on tips on How to Wake Up Early in the Morning Motivated and Energized) making your bed everyday, drinking water first thing in the morning.  The key is “baby steps.”  Start with something small and make it a HABIT!  For me, it was my shiny sink.


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