How to Wake Up Early in the Morning, Motivated, and Energized

It’s really tough trying to wake up early.   Like 5-sun’s-not-even-out-yet-a.m. early.  I am perfectly fine with drinking water, meditating, journaling, and all the other habits out there except for maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule!  Being a working mom of 3 kids and a husband, there is just not enough hours in the day to cover all my to-do list.  That’s why waking up earlier than usual is crucial for me.  I need those extra hours for bajillion things…and for ME. 

I’ve been holding it off for so long, I think it’s time to hone in on it.  So let’s all work together in this shall we?

Wake up early in the morning

How to Wake Up Early and Actually Love Doing It


Plan on getting 6-8 hours of sleep.  If you’re getting up at 5:30am to wake up early, you should be asleep by 9:30pm.  And yes, aim at least 5:30am.  Treat it like a race.  Waking up earlier than mostly everyone else means you’re ahead of the game and closer to your goals.

Do it gradually.  Don’t shock your body by trying to wake up 3 hours earlier than your normal waking time.  You’ll feel exhausted and you won’t stick to it.  Do it gradually by initially waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual for a week.  Keep adding on 15 minutes until desired time is achieved.

Keep a consistent schedule.  Once you’ve settled the time you need to sleep and wake up, try to keep it consistent even on the weekends.  You can sleep in a little bit on the weekend as a reward to yourself, but don’t make it drastically different.  Keeping it consistent is key to building up your habits.

Wake up early in the morning


Think of the outcome.  Studies show that people that wake up early tend to be more successful, more productive, and be in a better mood.   Who doesn’t want to be all of that?  So as the saying goes–”early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”–is a FACT!

Think of things to look forward to.  What are the things that get you most excited just by thinking about it?  A cup of coffee?

Wake up early in the morning

A fresh morning run? Oh, to all the moms and dads out there—some precious time all to yourself {raises my hand up high} ?  Think about these things just before you get your shut eye so you can wake up early with excitement like opening up Christmas presents on Christmas day.  Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but you get it.  Think of the calmness you will attain from meditating in the morning while everyone else is asleep.  Or having those extra hours to work on smashing those goals!  That is surely something to look forward to!


Meditate to calm your mind, body, and soul.  Let’s take control of ourselves by telling the mind to think what it needs to think and telling our body what it needs to feel.  Meditating brings us into awareness of our thoughts and makes us at ease and comfortable with them.  A day’s worth of thinking can accumulate overtime and think of meditation as a reset button to cap off the night! {If you’re a newbie and don’t know where to start, I recommend Headspace.  It’s an app I personally use and eased me into meditation.}

Turn off bright lights to make your room dark. Light inhibits secretion of melatonin, a hormone critical in promoting sleep.  Close your curtains or take it a step further by putting on a comfy sleeping mask.

Wake up early in the morning

Turn off TV and avoid any more physical activities around bedtime. Your bed should be a no activity zone to avoid association of bedtime with work.  This will condition your mind to calm your body whenever you’re in your room.

Do not use any mobile device around bedtime. Turn your phones off about 30 minutes before your target sleep time.  Smartphones emit blue light which your brain can confuse with daylight.   As previously mentioned, light causes the brain to stop melatonin production which equals to NO SLEEP!

Wake up early in the morning

Do not go to bed hungry. Hunger can keep you up and alert because of your rumbling tummy.

Do not drink coffee. For obvious reasons!


Do not hit the snooze button! Do not let an itty bitty device dictate your life right at the start of your day!  There are tons of advice going around such as placing your phones beyond reach so you’re forced to get up when alarm goes off {classic!}.  There are apps like Alarmy, dubbed as “world’s most annoying alarm clock.”  It features Photo Mode where you have to actually get up and take a picture of a registered place to dismiss the alarm.  Shake Mode requires user to shake the phone and Math Problem mode requires user to solve a math problem to turn off the alarm.  Annoying–but whatever works, right?  If you’re an iphone user, there is a way to deactivate the snooze feature.

From your Clock:

Go to Alarm & Tap Edit
Select an Alarm
Deactivate snooze toggle














DO NOT PICK UP YOUR PHONE!  Please do yourself a favor and leave your phone checking on the later part of the day.  Devote your morning routine for YOU.  Avoid checking work emails (leave that for work) that might just stress you out and starting off with social media.  Unless it’s an added value to your being, do not do it!

Drink water.  You’ve been asleep and deprived of water for the whole night.  Drinking water will rehydrate you and will jumpstart your metabolism.  

Wake up early in the morning


Make your bed.  Making your bed is an easy task to do and might sound irrelevant.  But making your bed will give you a small sense of pride in accomplishing something first thing in the morning.  This has a ripple effect and will motivate you to accomplish more tasks throughout the day.  As a bonus, it’s very enticing to come home to nicely made bed.

Wake up early in the morning

Wake up early in the morning


Meditate.  Again.  Yes, you meditate before going to sleep and right when you wake up.  This is something you can’t get too much of.  It’s good for you!  It helps you set your mood.  It’s a tool you can use to say to yourself “We can do this. We’ll tackle the day with confidence, assurance, and control.”  You calm the mind, the body, and the soul.  You dictate how you will feel and react for the rest of the day.  It’s a for sure STRESSBUSTER!

Get some super beginner’s tips here if you are new to meditation and don’t know how to start.

Wake up early in the morning

Do high intensity movements for about 2 minutes.  Gets your heart pumping and blood flowing and energy going {Rocky music playing in the background} !  Are you awake yet?  I sure hope so.

There you go folks!  A whole lotta things to try to wake up early.  I’ve given you the tools to use, now it’s your turn to use it.

Happy waking up!

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