Drink Water: Importance and Tips on Hydrating Yourself

Drinking water has a lot more benefits than you think.  I got into fitness about 7 years ago solely for the purpose of losing weight and looking good.  Through the process, I was able to learn that fitness was a lifestyle.  You don’t  aim for that body and stop.  You don’t eat healthy and then stop once you lose weight.  It becomes you. To sustain the results, it becomes a lifestyle.  Through this journey, drinking water became a huge part of my lifestyle.  It helped me lose the weight, gain some muscles, and get me through my workouts.  Your body will  love it when you drink water.  But besides that #gymlife, water has helped me so much in so many things.  Read further to find out what they are and for some tips on how to get that water intake up!

Drink water for your health

Why Would You Want To Drink Water?

Benefits of Drinking Water

I understand the pains in trying to gulp in jugs of water. I have no time, it’s tasteless, not a fan of no ice, and the excuses go on and on and on. Most of us probably only drink 4 glasses of water, and I know of some who goes on through a day without one! If you’re one of those, take a look into the benefits of drinking water. Then maybe it will change your perspective and actually start chugging that H2O.

Weight loss.  Your metabolism increases which burns more calories if you drink water.  It also suppresses your appetite and cravings. So try to drink some water right before every meal to avoid binging. The brain sometimes can confuse hunger with thirst.  So if you feel hungry, try grabbing some water instead. You could be mistaking thirst with hunger.

Detox.  Not only is detox related to weight loss, but you get the benefits of flushing out all the yucky toxins out of your system. Since detox water is water accompanied with infused flavors from fruits and herbs, you just might find enjoyment in drinking it.

Skin.  Drinking water helps to make your skin looking young, healthy, and radiant!  To all my girls {and men} out there, this might be the cheapest and most convenient item that you can incorporate into your skincare routine.  C’mon, who likes dry and flaky skin?

Energy.  When you perform high-intensity workouts, your body tends to release a lot of water from sweating.  Your body needs to replenish so you can make it through an entire workout.  Make sure to drink water in between those sets!

How to Up That Water Intake

Now that you know the super awesome benefits of water, here are some tips on how to help yourself to drink that H2O up.

Infused water:  The simplest flavoring you can whip up for water is lemon.  Lemon not only adds flavor, it has some benefits too.  It is rich with antioxidants such as vitamin C which is wonderful for your skin and immunity.  Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning also helps boost up your metabolism. There are lots of other flavors you can try to vary it up a bit.  Head on over to Modern Honey for some spa infused detox water recipes.  I gave some of them a shot and they are delish {insert 2 thumbs up emojis here}!

Drink water for your health

Water trackers: We all know there’s an app for everything!  I’ve used MyFitnessPal for tracking my food intake throughout any fitness journey I go through.  It’s wonderful that it also has an integrated water tracker!  There are other apps available out there like the Daily Water Balance Tracker which offers live stats update, historic charts, daily reminders, and more!  Or, the least complicated and simplest of them all–just set an alarm for every 15-30 minutes to remind yourself to get a few gulps in.

Use a straw:  It’s very daunting to try and gulp ounces of water in {at least for me}.  Try sipping it up using a straw so it’s not too much of a “task.”  Plus, the sucking motion calms us down–just like the babies.

Water bottles:  Use large water bottles so you can carry water with you wherever you go.  I personally love my Takeya which carries 32 ounces of water.  That gives me enough to hydrate without having to refill multiple times.  I keep one on my bedside and another for my hubby’s side.  For the techies out there, there are other fancier water bottles that integrate the latest technologies to make water tacking more fun.  Check out Hydrate Spark, a smart water bottle.  It tracks water intake, glows to remind you, and syncs to fitness trackers such as Fitbit.  How awesome is that?  

Drink water for your health

Drink before every meal.  Make it a habit to drink before you eat your meal.  Not only will you hydrate yourself, but it will prevent you from over eating by making you less hungry before you even start your meal.

Order water instead of sugary drinks when eating out.  When given the opportunity to drink something, avoid those sugary drinks.  Those are bad calories anyway and will rot your teeth to death!

Drink water right when you wake up. I’m a firm believer on this one and have always preached and practiced it.  Check out my previous post How to Wake Up Early In the Morning, Motivated and Energized to see how drinking water helps me to look forward to waking up super early in the morning.  If you make it a habit, you wouldn’t even have to think about it.

Drink water for your health

Now that we know all the benefits, let’s drink up and don’t take water for granted. We live in a country where water is readily available, but we’re not aware of the actual scarcity of this natural resource.  We do have an abundance relative to other countries who have close to none.  But if we don’t conserve it, we’ll be running out soon.

Cheers to water and let’s drink to that!

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