Home Cleaning Schedule: Cleaning Checklist for Busy Moms

Cleaning my house became therapeutic for me as I used it as major distraction.  I needed to destress and learn to ignore the anxiety that was creeping upon me.  As I got used to the habits of tidying up, I felt better.  The literal clarity that I saw when my bed is made, my makeup contained, the living room neat, translated to clarity of my mind and my sense of fulfillment.  It felt so damn good to come home to a clean house!  And when I feel good, the entire family feels good!  You know how that goes.  It’s a ripple effect I’m telling you!  Using a home cleaning schedule leads to an organized home which leads to a full blown organized life.

Home cleaning schedule

Home Cleaning Schedule: Cleaning Checklist for Busy Moms

The struggle I faced was time.  I’m a regular 9-5 working mom of 3, wife of also a 9-5 engineer husband of mine, with a 5-bedroom home.  How in the world will I find time and energy to clean this space?  Hiring a cleaning lady was a typical option.  But I’m now too stubborn to spend my hard-earned $$ for someone else to clean my house.  Besides, they could never get it the exact way I want it.   So I had to device a way to manage my home to maintain what used to be an uncontrollable mess!

Flylady, first and foremost, is God-sent from the heavens above, a place full of singing angels and fruitful paradise, that came down to earth to save mom souls like me lost under piles of dirty clothes, dirty dishes, lego pieces, and unpaired socks.   Phew!  That’s how grateful I am to have stumbled upon this lady.  Please check her out as she provides a lot of resources and tools regarding home management.

I used her format as a starting point–very good for those who have got no clue in the domestic relations.  However {oh here she comes with the “but”}, I strongly believe that it is geared towards stay-at-home moms.  She doesn’t claim that on her website anywhere, but my experience with it felt like it wasn’t designed with a 9-5 person in mind.  Although I’d have to say that it is marvelous in setting me up and molding me into what I am today.  I didn’t realize what I was capable of even with a full-time career in place.  I extracted the most important items and customized a cleaning system to work perfectly with a working mom like us.

First Things First – You Cannot Clean Your Home Without Doing This First

15-minutes a Day: Make it a habit to clean your house for 15 minutes every.single.day.  You heard that right.  If you want this to work, you have to change yourself first and believe that cleaning is as necessary as brushing your teeth is everyday.  Cleaning is a must just as eating your meals everyday.  Add it to your morning, day, or night routine–whichever works for your lifestyle.  You’ll be surprised as to how much you can do in 15 minutes.  15 minutes is not too long and everyone should have 15 minutes to spare. It takes 15 minutes to eat an ice cream, scroll through a Facebook feed, or watch a vlog on Youtube.  It doesn’t seem much right?  But translated to cleaning, you can fix the bed, straighten up a computer desk, pick up clutter, AND even clean the windows for 15 minutes.  That’s a whole room that should be presentable for those unexpected visitors that show up!  

15-minute cleaning and following a home cleaning schedule are parts of my daily habits.  It’s a good idea to use a tracker to see your progress and for accountability.  I’ve provided the habit tracker I personally use to track cleaning and other habits that are part of my dailies.  Make sure to get it now before scrolling further.  

Zoning: My system relies heavily on “ZONE CLEANING” which simply means dividing the house into rooms and scheduling them for 15 minutes of cleaning every day.  If you know me, I handle all things in life through baby steps, breaking things into smaller tasks–then I ATTACK! 

Home cleaning schedule

Declutter first: Now that you’ve divided your home into sections, start decluttering.  Using zoning for 15 minutes a day, start decluttering room by room until every unnecessary item is gone or in its rightful place. YOU CANNOT ORGANIZE CLUTTER.  The house doesn’t “look” clean even if you scrubbed it with all the Clorox wipes in the world when there is clutter in sight.  Get rid of doubles (things you have two of) and things you haven’t used for years.  I understand that it’s sometimes hard to let go of stuff.  But as Marie Kondo said, “If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.”

Organize:  Every single item must have a place.  Your makeup should be in your vanity not the side table.  Toys should be in toy boxes not under the bed.  Baking pans should be in the kitchen cabinet  not inside the oven {cringes}.  After you’ve decluttered, you should have made space for your important and necessary items at this step.

Home Cleaning Schedule

After you’ve decluttered and organized, you can start with the zone deep cleaning.  Items, furnitures, and fixtures might differ from room to room, but the general process is simple and applicable to all parts of the house.  Take a minute to understand the “Room Anatomy” or simply put, the main sections that generally make up a room.

Room Anatomy
  1. Stuff items that are not integral part of the room.  Room can function without them and usually causes the clutter
    • books, school supples, toys, tech items
  2. Furnitures items that are not originally part of the room but are necessary to function.
    • bed, lamp, desks, drawers, sofas, chairs, decors {I know, they’re not necessary for function but are necessary for aesthetics 😉 }
  3. Fixtures items that are fixed and stationary part of the room
    • dishwasher, stove, fireplace, stairs, closets, doors
  4. Garments – items made of cotton, thread, polyester, nylon
    • sheets, comforters, pillowcases, clothes, curtains
  5. Room Perimeter  structure that makes up the room
    • floor, walls, windows, ceilings

Home cleaning schedule

Cleaning Process:

First, decide what room or zone  you will start with.  Now that you know the anatomy of a room, the following 5 steps are to be performed for each section of the room, as indicated.  Start with Step 1 and do as much as you can in 15 minutes.  Go further down the steps everyday for 15 minutes until all steps are completed in the room that you are working on.  When all steps are completed, move on to the next room to do the same process.  Incorporate this 15-minute zone cleaning into your cleaning schedule routine (see next section for “Cleaning Schedule”).

Step 1: Declutter (room anatomy: Stuff)

  • Pickup clutter and sort to sell, donate, or place Home cleaning schedulein designated area
  • Empty trash cans

Step 2: Organize (room anatomy: Stuff)

  • Organize items inside cabinets, closets, and drawers
  • Throw away finished items and replenish (shampoos, toilet paper, etc.)

Step 3: Wipe (room anatomy: Furnitures and Fixtures)

  • Wipe baseboards, switches, and sockets
  • Wipe doors, cabinets, sliding doors
  • Wipe furnitures and decors
  • Clean fixtures (appliances, toilets, tubs, shower stalls, lights, staircase)
  • Wipe blinds, windows

Home cleaning schedule

Step 4: Wash (room anatomy: Garments)

  • Wash sheets, blankets, area rugs, curtains

Step 5: Sweep – Mop – Vacuum (room anatomy: Room Perimeter)

  • Swipe cobwebs from ceiling
  • Mop hard floors
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and area rugs.

Home cleaning schedule

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not be pressured by restricting yourself to a deadline.  You don’t have to finish a whole room for 15 minutes, a day, or even a week.  Do as much as you can in 15 minutes a day.  When you finish a room, move on to the next.  You’ll get to every single room and maintenance will be a breeze if you keep up with good habits that you will adapt by following the “home cleaning schedule” discussed below.  Just do your thang!

Home Cleaning Schedule



  • Make bed (5 mins)
  • Sort and load one load of laundry in the washer (10 mins)
  • Empty Diswasher (10 mins)

After work / Night

  • Put clothes in dryer (2 mins)
  • 15-minute Zone cleaning on your current zone (see Cleaning Process discussed above)
  • Additional 5-minute pick up (go around the house and pick up clutter as much as you can for maintenance)
  • Unload, fold, and distribute laundry (15 mins)
  • Do weekly task (see WEEKLY section below) (15 mins)
  • Load and start dishwasher (15 mins)
  • Wipe down sink and kitchen counters (5 mins)


  • Monday: Sweep and mop hard floors or vacuum carpet
  • Tuesday: Sweep and mop hard floors or vacuum carpet (finish up what you didn’t finish from Monday)
  • Wednesday: Clean fridge
  • Thursday: Vacuum or wash ALL area rugs from all rooms
  • Friday: Clean bathroom counters, sinks, toilets, and wipe shower stalls while showering
  • Saturday: Wash bedsheets
  • Sunday: Rest

Home cleaning schedule

As you can see, it only takes small chunks of time if you break tasks down and incorporate it in your daily routine.  TIP: Wake up an extra hour early so you can start doing other small items right before you go to work.  This will give you a head start and feel productive as you begin your day!  To start waking up early, head on to my post, How to Wake Up Early In The Morning Motivated and Energized.

Cleaning Tools

You can add more accessories or other fancy schmancy cleaning solutions if you need to waste more money, but these items will do just fine to complete the tasks.

Home cleaning schedule

  1. Glass cleaner
  2. Multi-surface cleaner
  3. Disinfecting wipes
  4. Duster
  5. Rugs
  6. Mop
  7. Vacuum
  8. Disposable toilet scrub

Let’s keep this simple by understanding the main key here.


You’ll see that it gets easier everyday because there is less accumulation of clutter and mess.  If living with someone or have kids, ask for help and know when and what to delegate.  Trust me, life just gets better with a clean home.  Coming from a hectic work day to a clean welcoming home is such a mood booster.  You’ll begin to realize that everything in life can also be in order once you know that you can control and manage a home. They say that home is where the heart is.  And if you’re home is orderly, so will your heart.

Now follow your home cleaning schedule and happy cleaning!


Home Cleaning Schedule is part 16 of the Perfecting Habits Series where you can join me in incorporating some habits that definitely changed the course and my outlook in life. Get your FREE Habit Tracker today, plus BONUS morning habits worksheets that you can use to help you build a life you enjoy!  

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