How to Stay Motivated in Life: 9 Ways to Keep Focused on Achieving Your Goals

These past few weeks have been a struggle for me.  When the new year came, I welcomed it with my new set of goals.  4 months later, this must be the time when people start slacking off the goal wagon.  This blog post is timely.  I will do my best to gather all the tools you and I can use on how to stay motivated in life. By the end of this writing, I hope to enlighten that spark once again and start the ball rolling.How to Stay Motivated in Life

How to Stay Motivated in Life: 9 Ways to Keep Focused on Achieving Your Goals

1. Set Exciting Goals

When you’re setting your goals, take a few minutes to assess if these goals excite you.  Make sure they bring a smile on your faceMake sure it fires you up the more you think about it.

Goals so strong that your energy levels shoot up for no reason!  What happens is you tend to slack off when these goals are not big and exciting enough.  If you find the things that stimulates your senses, you will do anything in your power to achieve these goals.  Start thinking of your ultimate dreams…

Is it getting a new car?

Living in a mansion by the beach?

Traveling around the world?

Owning a multi-million dollar business?

Working in your dream company?

Marrying the man/woman of your dreams?

Having your dream bod! (Read this to motivate yourself to workout)

It’s free to dream.  There’s nothing wrong with aiming for these things.  After knowing what you want in life, you can break it down into smaller goals–steps that will lead you to that dream.  Next thing you know, you’ll be closer than you think!

How to Stay Motivated in Life

2. Identify Your Strong Whys

Besides exciting goals, another key motivator are your “WHYs.”

You have to have strong enough reasons to hold on to.  If your whys are not strong enough, you’ll come up with excuses as to why you don’t need to work on your goals. 

You will end up prioritizing something else.  Think of

  • Providing for your family
  • Donating to charity
  • Having flexibility
  • Working from home
  • Spending the rest of your life with the love of your life
  • Being an influencer and to make impact to others’ lives

These are only a few things you can use as motivation to focus on those goals.  If you think of the end in mind, your focus will lead you to the direction you want in life.

How to Stay Motivated in Life

3. Visualize and Vision Board

Ah!  The power of visualization.  I hear the benefits of visualization everywhere and have always yearned to master it after watching the movie “The Secret.”  It’s still not an instilled habit and I’m working so hard to incorporate it into my daily life.

When you visualize your wants and dreams, you send out energy to the universe and the universe will reciprocate that energy back to you.  As the term Law of Attraction states, positive energy attracts positive energy which can bring about a person’s desires.

The key to visualization and law of attraction is you must really feel your goals as if you already have it or it’s already happening to you.

These strong positive feelings will attract the positive experiences allowing your dreams to fully realize and come true.  Need help visualizing?  Vision board is a tool that can be used as a daily reminder of why you’re working so hard in life.

Action Item: Create a vision board that contains all of your ultimate dreams in life. 

  • Be limitless and creative. 
  • Dream how a child would…no boundaries. 
  • Place the board or poster somewhere you can see everyday.
  • You can choose to be techy and create a wallpaper for your phone (you surely won’t miss this one!)

How to Stay Motivated in Life

4. Journal

Focusing your attention to your goals will lead you to that direction.  If you’re an easily distracted person like I am, you will need a tool to help you with this.  Journaling is an excellent way to steer your attention back to where it should be.

Read all about journaling and the power of gratitude here.

There’s power in  the act of writing things down on paper.  These thoughts somewhat gets ingrained in your mind and realized.

Read your entries regularly to remind yourself on why you do these things.  It’s super motivating to see your progress and know that you are always a step closer to your goals.

5. Watch inspirational videos in the morning

I fully agree with having full control of your thoughts and feelings.  But there’ll be times where you’re going to need that external help.

I love using YouTube as my source of inspiration.  There are literally thousands of awesome content–free for us to use. Watch or listen to YouTube and podcasts while doing your everyday mundane tasks.  Do it

There’s just no excuse not to!  Take advantage of all the information available at your fingertips.

6.  Influencers

There’s nothing wrong trying to emulate someone especially someone who has already done and achieved the life you are working for.

Why work countless years trying to figure out what to do when someone already formulated a path?

Follow their lead and find mentors and coaches who can show you the exact path so you can save time and effort.

7. Read books

There are a lot of best-selling self-help books out there.  Classics such as Tony Robbins’ “Awakening the Giant Within” is a household name in the personal development world and has ingenious insights on how to stay motivated in life.

If you’re not a bookworm, aim to at least read 10 pages a day which will let you finish an average of 1 book a month.

That’s 12 books in 1 year!

I know we have the privilege of technology that provides us with audiobooks and the world wide web.  But nothing beats the actual feel of turning each page and finishing a whole book.

8. Hang out with like-minded people and get rid of the negative ones

We’ve all heard it before…

You are an average of  people you hang out with.

If you want total focus on your dreams, surround yourself with positive people who are also driven with the same attitude. At the same time, get rid of the negative ones.  They are energy suckers that don’t know how to stay motivated in life and will do nothing but drag you down.

9. 5-second rule  

There are really no other magic pill or wand that can help you reach for those dreams.  Sometimes, you really…

As the Nike slogan says…


I love Mel Robbins and her 5-second rule.  It is an awesome tool you can use when you find yourself  hesitating on doing something.  You know those times when you are just full of self-doubt and are super convinced that there’s something wrong with you?

Just count backwards from 5 and get up and do it.  Just like a rocket ship, as she explained it, count





1…and LAUNCH!

How to Stay Motivated in Life

…and there is no turning back.

This will train you to build up your confidence.  Because confidence is a skill and not a trait.

That’s all for motivation folks!  If you find yourself losing hope, feeling down, and just don’t know how to stay motivated in life, try all these steps to get yourself back up…Because nothing feels better than that feeling that you can take over the world.

Keep that head up and be motivated!

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