Turn Your Dreams Into Reality PART 1 (FREE goal setting worksheet printable)

Who wouldn’t want a FREE goal setting worksheet printable?  If you’re a type A person, your daily life is typically run by a to-do list.  You just love the idea of checking off lists and feel super accomplished in doing so.  It could be common sense to some, but others like myself, never really had a “structured” to do lists.  My lists are sporadic and evolve around whatever comes up that day. 

Let me let you in a secret…life will be so much more fulfilling if your moves have real purpose.  Each box you check off leads to a better life.  When you create your lists, make sure it is centered towards achieving your goals.  By doing this, you will always be stepping closer to your dreams making each checked box more meaningful.

This article is a 2-part series that will guide you on how to turn your dreams into reality.  It will assist you in determining your dreams up until the daily to-do lists that you need to crush those goals.

goal setting worksheet printable

“But I’m not really sure what I want in life.  There are so much possibilities out there!”

If you don’t know where to start 

Have a goal session for yourself.  Set aside some time for goal setting.  This small act will open doors to a whole lifetime of opportunities. 

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Part 1 (FREE goal setting worksheet printable)

First things first.  Download and print out your goal setting worksheet printable and fill it out.  Using the worksheet, follow along with the detailed steps below.  


goal setting worksheet printable

goal setting worksheet printableClick here and download your pre-filled printable

Click here and download your customizable printable

There are 6 phases that go through a goal-setting process:

  1. Phase 1: Identify Your Dreams
  2. Phase 2: Timeline
  3. Phase 3: Evaluation
  4. Phase 4: Action
  5. Phase 5: Persevere
  6. Phase 6: Results

This article will cover Phases 1, 2, and 3.

Phase 1: Identify Your Dreams

Model your dreams around the main sectors of your life.  I suggest the following areas but feel free to adjust to your lifestyle and beliefs.

  • Health (physical and emotional well-being)
  • Relationships (family, friends, colleagues, community)
  • Finance (career, business, savings)
  • Fun (hobbies, leisure, creativity)
  • Contribution to community (neighbors, charity, volunteering)
  • Spiritual (connection with your Supreme Being, the universe, nature)

Scribble on your printable (step 1): Take out your goal setting worksheet printable and write out areas of your life in order of priority.  I have a set of template that’s already prefilled for you and another set that’s completely blank for easy customization.  The pre-filled ones are highly suggested as they are what worked for me and could be applied to mostly everybody.  Ideal for those who really have no clue where to start.

goal setting worksheet printable

goal setting worksheet printable

Dream like a kid would–without limits and boundaries.  Don’t limit yourself to anything. 

How do your dreams look like? 

Is it getting a new car? — A lambo

Owning a house — A beach mansion in California coast

Traveling around the world — In your private jet

Owning a multi-million dollar business — Several multi-million dollar businesses

Meeting the man/woman of your dreams — Marrying the person of your dreams and having a beautiful thriving family.

Being healthy — With an aesthetic physique and competing in a fitness competition

Do you see what they have in common?  Extremely high standards without considering the means and possibilities.  Make it exciting….goals so exciting that it drives you to grind every single day.

Scribble on your printable (step 2):  On your goal setting worksheet printable, write out your ultimate dreams for each life area.  Be specific enough but do not spend too much time on it.  Write freely as you can as soon as thoughts get into your head.

goal setting worksheet printable

Phase 2: Set Timeline

Set appropriate deadlines for each dream you came up with.  Some of them are best achieved as long-term goals while others can be done in a shorter period of time.  Will it take 10 years? 5 years? 1 year

Scribble on your printable (step 2):  Come up with deadlines and write it out right next to each dream.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the “crazy dreams.”  Look at these big goals and use it as a motivator that will excite and drive you to live every single day.   After identifying your timeline for each dream, group them together in terms of years.  For example, 10-year goals will be together, 5-year goals will be together, etc.

Scribble on your printable (step 3): Group your dreams together in terms of the timeline you assigned. 

To see your life ahead will get you hyped up and so excited.  The things that you can be in a few years is limitless.  Top it off with a vision board and it will surely fire you up.  See my post on visualization and vision board on how it can motivate you. 

Steps 3 and 4 of your worksheet will be especially helpful on those days where you just don’t feel like doing anything *cue Bruno Mars*.  In times where things just won’t seem to go your way and everything else seems to be against you, just refer to this page to retract your focus back to the Big Picture.

Scribble on your printable (step 4):  Create your vision board.  Use the space provided to place pictures of your dreams. 

goal setting worksheet printable

Phase 3: Evaluate (trim down to attainable goals)

To avoid the rush of anxiety, it always helps to break things down into baby steps.  In this exercise, you will turn your dreams to reality by prioritizing them into goals.

How can you ensure that you will succeed?

1. Strong whys.  The secret to long-lasting motivation is…


The ultimate motivator for reaching your dreams are your whys or your reasons on why you will aspire for those goals.  Maybe you’re doing this for your

Family’s security and wellness

Your own wellness so you can take care of your loved ones

To help out a charity that you’re really passionate about

To cultivate an everlasting relationship

To participate in a fitness competition

To attract the person of your dreams

If you can’t think of anything strong enough, it wouldn’t be compelling enough to bring you that spark of excitement.  Either rethink and rephrase the dream or replace it with something else.

Scribble on your printable (step 5):  Evaluate each dream by answering the  3 questions provided on your goal setting worksheet printable.  The 1st question will make you think of why you want to achieve this dream.  This step will determine how badly you want it.

goal setting worksheet printable

2. Determine obstacles to see if they’re realistic and/or attainable.  Through the journey, you will surely face a LOT of obstacles that will challenge you and test your strength.  Some factors that determine attainability of your goals are obstacles like your financial means, availability of help, health, etc.  I’m not saying to quit when something seems impossible.  You always have to TRY, but sometimes, you have to know when to recognize when something is unrealistic.

Knowing possible obstacles will also better prepare you in case it does happen.  When those times do come, feel free to adjust your plan anytime.  This is not set in stone and a 1-year goal can be adjusted to 5 years.  The key is to persevere.

Scribble on your printable (step 5): Write out what you think might hinder you from achieving your dreams.

3. Determine your action steps.  These are small actionable items that you can take to slowly but surely lead you to your dreams.  This my friend, is the birth of your GOALS. Make sure these items are S.M.A.R.T. goals.

  • Specific goals help you focus on a clear task and what needs to be achieved.
  • Measurable goals can be tracked.  Progress is visible and motivating if goals are measurable.  Some examples are money to track how much you’ve made, time to track your progress, and weight to track your fitness journey. 
  • Attainable goals ensure that you will make progress.  Some dreams that seem to be too extreme or impossible can be broken down to smaller more attainable goals.
  • Relevant goals are goals that are important to you.  They should be achieving things that you were really yearning for and will fulfill you through the process whether you succeed or not.
  • Timely goals.  Assigning deadlines are important to keep pushing you to your potential.  If you don’t give due dates, you tend to be complacent and sometimes forget about your goals.

Scribble on your printable: (step 5): Answer the 3rd question on your goal setting worksheet printable by asking yourself what you can start working on now that will lead you closer to your dreams.

goal setting worksheet printable

4. Visualize.  As I’ve mentioned earlier, visualization helps you focus immensely on your goals.  It gives you direction and strength to persevere through your journey.

5. Accountability.  Proclaim your goal to someone or even the whole world!  A good accountability buddy will help tremendously especially when he or she shares the same interests as you do.  Achieve your goal together and have fun doing it.

Make use of the power of technology.  Sharing your goals for the world to see through social media is a great way to connect to hundreds or even millions of people.  Your reach is limitless!

I use Instagram to spread positivity and get inspired by others in all areas of life.  Please join me in IG if you need inspiration or accountability buddy.  I post a lot about perfecting my habits in all areas of life.  Come visit and join me in IG here.  It’ll be fun!

BTW, congratulations!  You have now officially designed your life that you are in control of.   

Let’s not overwhelm ourselves and stop here for now.  Take time to absorb in the dreams you came up with and the excitement that comes along with it.  Savor that feeling and remember to go back to it in times where nothing seems to work.

Next steps would be to create that path on the way to the life you have designed.  Make sure to watch out for Part 2 of Turning Your Dreams Into Reality.  We will dig deeper into setting up your dailies as I walk you through finally putting those goals into action.  You will experience productivity like never before!   

Hope you enjoyed our brainstorming and getting to know what you really want in life.  I had fun creating this goal setting worksheet printable for my own use and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Happy Dreaming!


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