Turn Your Dreams Into Reality PART 2 (FREE daily to do list template printable)

This is part 2 and the last part of “Turn Your Dreams Into Reality.”  What you did on the first few phases was to create a blueprint of your life.  You have determined your ultimate dreams–what you really want in life.  After filling out the first part of goal-setting worksheet, you will finish this session by filling out the second half which includes a daily to do list template printable.  Follow the plan and you’ll be amazed by how much your life will change!

If you haven’t already, finish part 1 of “Turn Your Dreams Into Reality” and download the FREE goal setting worksheet and daily to do list template printable to help you set and crush your goals.

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goal setting worksheet printable

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality PART 2 (FREE daily to do list template printable)

Phase 4: Action (where the magic happens)

Now that you have your goals determined from step 5, transfer those goals on the next section categorized by life area.  And since these life areas were categorized per your priority since step 1, you will check them off in order of most importance in your life.

Scribble on your printable (step 6): Using your daily to do list template printable, transfer the goals you’ve created from step 5 and categorize them per life area.

goal setting worksheet printable

What makes this process effective is— TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.

And this is what we’re going to do.  We will break these goals down further and we will take things in one baby step at a time–Monthlies, Weeklies, and Dailies.

Ready for your Monthlies?

Since we’ve setup your life areas per your priority (which will be different for everyone), we will begin with Life Area 1 and work our way down to Life Areas 2, 3, 4…

Scribble on your printable (step 7): Take the goals you listed from step 6 and divide them up on the monthly spread.

You choose how much goals you think you can do for a month or how long each goal needs.  It’s okay if you don’t get it right at first.  You can always adjust and move it over for the next month.

For every quarter, perform a check-in to make sure you’re staying focused on your goals.  By doing this, you will determine your progress, what you need to do for the next quarter, what goals you can or need to eliminate or move around, what goals you can check off, etc.

goal setting worksheet printable

Now you’re ready to take in that first step of action as you enter the upcoming week with a purpose.  Remember, to drive you to your goals, set up your days to have several actions geared towards those goals.

Now for your Weeklies and Dailies

Your weekly tasks or “to-dos” should be geared towards your bigger mission in life.  At this step, you won’t just be randomly adding daily chores or mundane errands that you usually do just because you need to survive.  This time, you will work on things that you want so you can live ;).

Scribble on your printable (step 8):  When setting up your weeklies, keep your focus on what you’re working on for that month.  Plan your week by writing down small ACTIONABLE STEPS you need to take that are geared towards your monthly goals from step 7 and categorize them per life area. 

Feel free to write out other things you need to do for the day but these actionable steps will be your “non-negotiables” or your top priorities for the day.

goal setting worksheet printable

How do you use your weekly planner?

As you start your day, start doing your tasks from your Life Areas and work your way down.  There will be times where you’ll find the need to do things from other Life Areas first, you be the judge–you’re in control.  This setup is to give you a visual representation of the most important things in your life and to ensure that you’re fulfilling your mission within each life role you have.

The bottom section of your daily to do list template printable are your appointments and commitments.  These are things that have a set time (meetings, doctor’s appointments, etc.) that you have to work around with.

goal setting worksheet printable

Phase 5: Persevere (dust yourself off and try again)

You’re done with the easy part.  The next is the hard part.  Good news is, it ain’t got nothin’ on you.  I guarantee you that challenges and adversities will happen but failure is not an option–


The best quote I’ve heard and will forever live by is Failure is life telling you to change direction.”  Don’t be intimidated when plans do not materialize.  Do the following when things don’t go your way.

  • View challenges as learning experience not failure.
  • Adjust your plan, goals, and action steps and tweak as necessary.
  • Revisit your “strong whys” or reasons behind your goals.

Phase 6: Celebrate

The key to sticking to something and be consistent is to reinforce all your efforts.  It’s important to celebrate even the small accomplishments.  When you have incentives in place, you will associate this to pleasure and you will enjoy the process.

It feels so good checking off those goals list.  Then what?  Don’t worry, you will never run out of goals.  You will always strive for continuous improvement in life.  After achieving your goals, set higher ones and work on it again.  And the most important thing to take away from here is to enjoy the process and focus on the person you will become for each journey you take.

Remember, whether you get there or not, you’re still a success because of the skills you’ve learned and the person you have become.

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