Continuous Learning as a Student of Life

We all grew up knowing that education is the key to success.  In order to have a great life, we must earn money through a stable or high-paying job, get a job through a good school for college, and get in a prestigious college through straight A’s in elementary and middle school. But most of us stop after graduation and that shouldn’t be the case.  Learning should be continuous and we must be student of life. It shouldn’t stop at graduation and shouldn’t constrict with academics.  Explore new things and become a well-rounded individual.  This will take you to possibilities you have never dreamt of.


Continuous Learning as a Student of Life

Why You Should be a Student of Life

Curiosity + Exploration

As a student of life, your curiosity will keep growing as you learn more things.  You’ll be more thirsty for knowledge which will lead you to explore different aspects of life.  You will discover new things that you never even knew existed.  And these discoveries are what makes this journey super addicting. 

There are more to life beyond home, school, and work–only if you explore.

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More Opportunities

If you have a mindset of being a student of life, you’ll be open to more opportunities.  The exploration you do as a student of life will take you places you wouldn’t have thought of going and do things you wouldn’t have thought of doing.  This new network you form will create new doors of opportunities–opportunities you wouldn’t have stumbled upon if you weren’t a student of life.

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As you become more exposed to the world, you begin to understand other people’s points of view, beliefs, and values as you learn how different situations exist. You will be more open-minded and be acceptable of others. 

You will be less judgmental.

Forgiving of Yourself

After you see the world and others from a different light, you are less judgmental of others.  In turn, you will also be more forgiving of yourself. 

You will be more open to trying new things without fear of failures.

You would not blame yourself like you used to and see failures as opportunities directing you to a different path.

You are more accepting of others, yourself, and the things that are happening around you.  You are the center of your world that lives within its presence, but you are also a spectator using your judgments wisely as you create your own life.

Enjoy the Journey

Learning will be enjoyable.  Your explorations will come with success stories and not so pleasant ones. But having a student of life mindset, you know that you have given your best  and will still enjoy the process even if things do not go your way.  Every event will be a prat of the process and will shape the person you will become.


The things you learn are tools you will use in this game called “life.”  You will be well-equipped as challenges arise and will be fearless as you step out of your comfort zone.  Outside of your comfort is growth and growth happens when you’re prepared. 


If you’re very shy and not very vocal, it’s most likely because you lack some confidence in you.  You are afraid to speak up because of the fear of being judged.  As a student of life, you will be packed with tremendous knowledge that you can confidently share to the world.  You’ll be more certain in making decisions. 

No more “I don’t knows”!


Being a student of life can mold you to a great influencer as you’re able to back things up with strong convictions.  With a newly found confidence, you say what you mean and mean what you say.  This leaves people with good impression and will likely listen to what you have to say.

Ways to be student of life

1. Learn something new everyday.  On top of reading books, technology can provide us unlimited information. Just reach out to your pocket, grab your phone and read the news.  Youtube also provides a lot of how to’s and educational sites. 

It doesn’t have to be boring.  YouTube provides a lot of entertaining educational videos on almost everything.  

student of life

2. Networking.  Make it a point to meet new people, reach out, and connect.  Networking and collaborating provides exponential opportunities.  You never know what one person can do and WHO they know. 

And the most important tip I can give (which I also need to practice on) is to…

3. Get out of your comfort zone.  As previously mentioned, growth happens during discomfort.  Once you master things and become comfortable doing it to a point of not having to think about it, then you know it’s time to move on. 

And for those things generates fear in you, know that it’s there because of UNCERTAINTY.  It can’t be known if you do not go out there and find out. 

“Recognize fear and do it anyway.” — Practice this as this is the only way you will gain the greatest confidence in life.

Happy Learning!

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