Europe Vacation 2018 (Part 1 of 3: Things to do in Paris)

Sharing my recent travel to Europe as it is one of my list that I can check off from my vision board.  It was an unexpected surprise from my husband.  I’ve always planned on going to Paris one day (even have a list of “things to do in Paris”) but didn’t expect it to be this soon!  

Please believe me when I say that this is exactly what manifestation, visualization, and positive thinking can bring into your lives.  It wasn’t a planned trip for 2018 but for some odd reason, the universe (and God) worked its magic to make it come true!

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Europe Vacation 2018 (Part 1 of 3: Things to do in Paris)

Video 1 – On the Way to Paris

  • From LAX to Paris – Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Hotel tour.  Balconies scream “PARIS”
  • Eating crepes (a must for things to do in Paris)
  • The beauty of Eiffel Tower


Video 2 – Paris Tour

  • Hop-on-hop-off tour bus
  • Louvre Museum
  • The Mona Lisa
  • Angelina – French Restaurant
  • Seine River Cruise


Video 3 – See More of Paris

  • Palace of Versailles
  • Lauderee Macarons
  • Tower of Montparnase
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Champs-Elysees
  • France World Cup – Soccer


Be inspired!


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