Best Ways to Say Thank You

I’ll cut to the chase and say it, spreading gratitude is spreading happiness.  It comes best from close family and friends but it also has a little bit of extra umph when it comes from strangers–from people you don’t know who took that extra effort to show their appreciation.  With all the chaos happening today, we need more ways to say thank you and we need to do it more often.

ways to say thank you

Best Ways to Say Thank You

7 Ways to Say Thank You

1. Action speaks louder than words.  Do something extra special to someone you’re thankful for.  Take them out for a quick coffee or grab their copies from the copy machine.  The effort you made (even the smallest act) in making some time in your very busy day says a lot.

2. Send them a letter.  A real old-fashioned snail mail gives a different impression than the click and send email.  It has a personal touch and very uncommon these days.  

3. Send a DIY gift – Just like writing a letter, making something with your own hands adds a personal touch.  This is something they can use or display which can also serve as a reminder of your appreciation.

ways to say thank you4. Listen.  The best gift anyone can get is someone who can be there to simply listen.  As human beings, we need someone to listen to our rants, our vents, and our stories [happy or sad].  It’s one of the top qualities we usually look for within our friends, family, and life partner.  If we like to be listened to, we should also be great listeners.

5. Tell someone you appreciate them randomly without any expectations in return.   These random “thank yous” are the special ones because they come at the least time you expect it.  

6. Compliment someone.   Even the simplest compliments like telling someone they look nice today or “you’re awesome” can definitely change someone’s mood in a heartbeat.  You never know when someone need a quick-lift-me-up and this definitely foes the job.  

7. Give them a hug.   Everybody needs a hug.  As human beings, we live for physical contact and giving someone a hug has positive physical and emotional effects.

ways to say thank you

The Power of Thanking Someone 

  • People will tend to “pay it forward.”  When humans feel appreciated, they feel good about themselves and this will reflect on their actions.  This ripple effect has an exponential impact by spreading happiness to everyone.
  • Develop good relationships.  We feel certain connection to people that shows kindness to us. It warms our heart when we are treated nicely.  This is where good relationships start and blossom from.
  • Good for your health.  Happiness is the best medicine isn’t it? 

Look at this article to see how gratitude could bring HAPPINESS into your life.

Your Turn

Take the time to pause and make someone else’s day brighter. You have no idea how powerful “thank you” can be especially to someone going through the rough times.

It will bring a smile to someone’s face knowing that there’s a person out there who’s very appreciative of them. Imagine someone doing the same and took the time and effort to show you how much they appreciate you.

Those random “thank yous” are actually the special ones because they come at the least time you expect it. 

This post is short and sweet.  The intention is to take this opportunity to thank everyone in my life, including my readers, viewers, and followers.   Those who stuck by me throughout life’s ups and downs up to those who challenged me and tried to bring me down. 

ways to say thank you

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