Random Acts of Kindness: 15 Ways to Pay it Forward

After you’ve read the impact of gratitude in terms of bringing happiness into your life, you should have already realized how privileged you are. Sometimes, we forget the purpose of why we exist.  Some of us don’t have the slightest clue of why we are here.  While we thrive for the success and accomplishments, let’s not forget to give back by paying it forward through random acts of kindness.

random acts of kindness

Paying it Forward Through Random Acts of Kindness
Importance of Kindness

When you’re kind to someone, you make others feel better.  And in return, you make yourself feel better.  Of course, you don’t do good deeds because you’re expecting something in return. You don’t act kind so you can feel better about yourself.

You spread kindness out of the goodness of your own heart.  

random acts of kindness

And HAPPINESS is just the icing on the cake.  It’s the inevitable side effect that kindness brings you because giving back to others and the community is the ultimate purpose of life. 

15 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Success from money can only give you so much happiness.  After reaching a certain value of money (that threshold value is $75,000), your happiness doesn’t really increase much more.  You can set goals and earn millions of dollars, but true happiness and fulfillment only comes when you become grateful with what you already have and you pay it forward to share the blessings.

You work on developing yourself, aim for success, and be the best you can be so at the end, you can give back.

Money is a great tool to contribute to the world, but it isn’t the only way.  There are numerous ways to contribute, and here’s a starter list for you:

1. Say “thank you.”  Say these words with intention.  Show the person how much you really appreciate them wand what they have done for you.  

Hop on over this article to see other ways to say and show how thankful you are.

2. Pay for the person next in line on the drive-thru.  Someone did this for me one time and I couldn’t help it but smile and pay for the next person in line.  One act of kindness leads to more acts of kindness.

3. Volunteer your time.  There are a lot of community services that you can participate in.

  • Serve food for the homeless
  • Clean the streets or parks
  • Help out at your kids school
  • Be a parent leader or coach at your kids sports
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter

4.  Tutor kids.  Tutoring is expensive nowadays and they charge by the hour.  If you have a subject expertise, there are a lot of after school tutoring programs that could use your help.

5. Say something nice on social media.  The internet could be a cruel world and social media might not be for the faint at heart.  “Trolls” are everywhere and each “social” is vulnerable to these attacks.  Let’s contribute to change until demonizing of social media would diminish.  Do not leave hate comments and ignore those attention-seeking trolls.

random acts of kindness

6. Open the door for someone.  It doesn’t have to be for an elderly.  Open the door for anyone.

7. Smile to a stranger.  Smile is like sneezing–it’s contagious.  

8. Listen and give your full attention to someone.  Sometimes people don’t need advice.  They just need someone to talk to and who would listen to what they have to say.

9. Compliment someone.  Make someone’s day and tell them how awesome they are or how cute they look.  Say it and mean it.

10. Donate.  I’m pretty sure you have a lot of unused clothes, toys, or gadgets lying around the house.  You probably have clothes still with their tags on.

11. Pick up litter on the street.  Protect the environment for the current and future generations to come.  This small act, done consistently, has a huge contribution to the future of humanity.

12. Take time to leave an awesome Yelp review.  The few minutes you take to leave a good review could mean a promotion for someone.  This employee’s promotion could be the cause of being able to get his/her own place, and so on.  The effects are limitless just because you took the time in your day to leave an awesome comment for someone.

13. Make a DIY gift.  Nothing says kindness and love than a heart-poured do-it-yourself gift.  These kinds of random acts of kindness do not require much money and the effort spent of it is priceless.

14. Volunteer in senior homes.  Elderlies in senior homes deserve to be treated well.  Most of them have served their country well by being good citizens in their prime.  Pretty soon, we’ll be in their place and we would like to be provided well.  Help these facilities provide high quality services to their clients by volunteering your time or donating.

random acts of kindness

15. Bake some treats and bring it to work.  Baking might not be your thing but everyone has a local grocery store in every corner.  Of course, making your own adds a personal touch, but buying some treats is a very nice gesture as well.

To get more ideas, check out the site One Kindness Challenge and sign up to get more acts of kindness dropped straight into your mailbox.

Make a difference in your own little way and spread random acts of kindness. The impact of one simple act is exponential.  You might not see it, but it’s there and it will surely return you its favors.

random acts of kindness

Cheers to having a pure heart!

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