Plan Your Day the Night Before to Increase Tomorrow’s Productivity

If you’re someone having a hard time getting a  solid morning routine done and having a productive day, do not give up.  I have one more trick up my sleeve.  Well, not really a trick. But more of a tried and truly tested system that works when done every night: Plan your day the night before! 

Plan your day the night before

Plan Your Day the Night Before to Increase Tomorrow’s Productivity
Plan Tomorrow’s To-Dos the Night Before

The very first think you need to do to ensure your day/morning is off to a great start is to…

Plan your day the night before.

Plan your day the night before

This will ensure that:

  • You’re ready to get up from bed and start a successful morning routine.  Classic application for “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  
  • Avoid rushed morning.  When you have everything planned and ready, you are ready to tackle your day without that sense of “am I forgetting something?” every time you get out the door.  You know what lies ahead of you and hopefully, you’ve prepared the things you need the night before.
  • You can prioritize and be done by noon.    By looking at your tasks beforehand, you can prioritize which items are “nonnegotiables” or tasks that has to be done that day no matter what.  If you prioritize,

you are locking in and tackling the most important things you need to do and should be done by midday.  

     Then you can have more than enough room for other things that not as urgent or important.

  • Empowers you when you start off on the hardest tasks.  When you start off your day checking off important things you need to do, it gives you a sense of empowerment and feeling that you can take on anything that comes your way.  It gives you full control of any situation.
  • You can sleep in a little more.  And if the previous day and night did not treat you too well (unexpected happy hour or you’re catching a cold) and you just can’t get yourself to wake up early, you can sleep in just a little bit longer when you have everything prepared the night before.

Plan your day the night before

5 Steps to a More Productive Day Using Your To-Do List

1. When making your list, base it around your goals.


Don’t just come up with a laundry list of things you need to do like “buy milk,” “pick up dry cleaning,” or “pick up prescriptions.”  These are things you need to do, but come up with a list that is built around achieving your goals and/or fulfilling your major roles in life (being a mom, dad, friend, etc.).

These will be your priorities and your non-negotiables.  If you keep this in mind as you construct your list, you will always be on the right direction working towards your dreams.  

I have a couple of articles that are more detailed guides on how to design your day through a to-do list based on your goals and dreams.

goal setting worksheet printable

2. Plan out what time of the day you need to finish these tasks by.  After priorities are set, design other non-urgent and unimportant to-dos around your non-negotiables.  By having a nightly routine of planning out your list, you can easily block your next day’s calendar and schedule them accordingly.  

3. Do the hardest task during the first few hours of the day.  Studies show that these first few hours is the window of time that you are most productive. Coming from 7-8 hours of sleep, meditation, and journaling, you should be well-equipped to tackle the hardest task of the day.

This will get the momentum going as you breeze through the rest of the less daunting tasks. 

4.  If planning is done correctly, aim finish your non-negotiables by noon.  Having a deadline for yourself can keep you accountable.  It will push you to finish the task no matter how challenging it may seem.

5. Have a backup plan.  For instances where unexpected things happen, like cancelled appointments, make sure you have a back up to-do in mind so you can move forward with your day without wasting any second of productivity.  

Unless you are in dire need of a break (which is also as important as checking off to-do lists), plan B should always be in handy.

Happy Planning!

Plan Your Day the Night Before is part 17 of the Perfecting Habits Series where you can join me in incorporating some habits that definitely changed the course and my outlook in life. Get your FREE Habit Tracker today, plus BONUS morning habits worksheets that you can use to help you build a life you enjoy!  

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