KonMari Method of Organizing Clothes

Learn KonMari Method of organizing your clothes to build this important habit: to prepare your clothes the night before.

I’ve stressed out the importance of establishing a morning routine to set you up for a more productive day.  But the real basis of a successful morning routine is…

Evening routine!

My evening routine comprises of

  1. Cleaning the house for 15 minutes
  2. Budgeting
  3. Preparing Clothes for tomorrow
  4. Checking tomorrow’s calendar for appointments and planning my to-dos
  5. Sleep by 10pm (or whatever time you need to fulfill 7-8 hours)

Item #3 “Preparing Clothes for Tomorrow” avoids any rushing and helps tremendously in accomplishing what you need to do the next day.  It could be going to the gym 1st thing in the morning or going to work. Preparing the things you need the night before surely is the secret to getting more things done.

To help you develop this habit and make things easier for you, I introduce to you…

konmari method

The Konmari Method

What is KonMari Method? KonMari method was introduced by a Japanese organizing consultant and was popularized by her best-selling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and her Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.”

The essence of her “tidying up” is based on a decluttering method which gets rid of unused items in the house to be left with items that actually spark joy.  This is particularly done by category:

  • Clothing
  • Books
  • Papers
  • Miscellaneous
  • Memorabilia (sentimental items)

The house is easier to clean and maintain if there is no clutter.

Let’s use this method and use it to organize our closets so we can better prepare our clothes each night.

The KonMari Method of Organizing Clothes

Gather ALL clothing items.  Collect everything including seasonal items, underwear, costumes, scarves from your closet, drawers, rooms, etc.

Throw them all together in one place.  Throw it on your bed or your floor,  This will give you a whole new perspective and sometimes even chills down your spine.  You will realize the amount of stuff accumulated through time and see what you actually use versus things that are just collecting dusts.  

Reach for each item and evaluate if it’s something you still wear.  A lot of your clothes are usually used once or a couple of times.  These “trendy” clothes were probably impulse purchases because you saw it worn by a cute IG fashionista (*guilty*).

konmari method

Hold it near your heart.  Ask yourself if this item still “sparks joy.”  What exactly does “sparks joy” mean?  When it gives you that exciting feeling. You know, that feeling when your order from your favorite restaurant is finally approaching you?

Keep item if it sparks joy.  Otherwise, don’t hold back and let it go.  If the piece has not been used for a long time and does not bring a smile to your face, give thanks to those items you are about to let go.

Fold items back into their home.  Now that you have the clothes you love, fold them in a rectangular shape and place them vertically standing up so you can see each piece as you open your drawer.  Watch Marie demonstrate her art of folding herself here.

konmari method

Use dividers.  You can buy specialized drawer divider from Target, The Container Store, or Amazon or just utilize boxes that fit in your drawers to hold smaller items such as underwear and socks.  This makes everything stay in place and look more organized.

Why are we doing this?

When your closet is clear and organized, you see all your items right away.  This makes it easier to plan for what you’ll be wearing the next day.  And why do we plan our outfits the night before?

This works well for everyone–even to  those who do not really care much for ootd’s and most especially to those who love their outfits on fleek!

konmari method

It’s a simple task but

  • It saves so much time especially for those who are very indecisive
  • You can iron or fix your clothes if needed
  • It prevents forgetting items especially when rushing out the door

Trust me, it is those small mundane tasks that actually makes a huge difference to the overall wellness of your day!

Happy organizing!

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