How to Sleep Fast – Sleeping Tips and Tricks to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

I don’t know about you, but I’m a cranky bee-yotch when I don’t get my 7-8 hours of sleep.  I gotta admit though that 24 hours is just not enough time in a day to do the things I need to do.  So trust me, hitting the bed by 9pm is just impossible.  It’s still a habit I need to work on.  I can honestly wake up easier (even with just a couple of hours of sleep) than sleep early.

So here are my tips that we can all use to get that beauty rest we all deserve.

how to sleep fast


1. Go to bed at consistent time every night:

When setting up any habits or routine, the very first rule that applies to almost anything is consistency.  If you do something at the same time every single damn day, you program your body to a point of auto-pilot.  It sticks to you even without thinking about it.

2. Stop any activities that will stimulate you to be awake:  

Make your bed area/bedroom your sanctuary for rest and relaxation.  Work, homework, crafts, video games, should be done somewhere else.

3. Give yourself time for wind down:

30 minutes to an hour is a good time to start getting comfortable in your cozy bed. Don’t expect to be in bed and be asleep right away.  Take this time to

  • Establish a relaxing routine. Bathe and pamper yourself so you feel so fresh and so clean clean!
  • Turn off tv
  • Charge your mobile devices, away from you so you don’t use it

4. Calm the senses:

Creating a calming and relaxing ambiance will set the mood for sleep and nothing does this better than through your senses.

  • Drink tea like lavender or chamomile which has calming and sedative properties that will aid you to sleep.
  • Turn on your oil diffuser. Essential oils are in the rave for good reasons.  They have so much benefits on top of promoting better sleep.  It can also boost immunity, improve emotional health, and are more natural alternatives to candle.
  • Listen to white noise.  I have proven this when I trained my infant to sleep alone in her crib in her own room.  I left the white noise on which lulled her to sleep.  It was fool proof and works like a charm!  This goes the same way with adults.  White noise produces relaxing sounds that induces sleep or blocks distracting sounds that can cause someone to not fall asleep.

5. Dark room:

Make your room as dark as possible when it’s bedtime.   Any light shining in your room triggers your brain to interpret it as daylight.  Your brain will confuse night time with day and will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

6. Meditate:

I am such an advocate of meditation.  See my full post here on the wonderful benefits of meditation and how my discovery of it has changed my life to a whole new level.  Meditation helps clear the mind.  Think of decluttering your brain Marie Kondo style to lift off the worries, stress, chaos, or anything else that goes on with it.  Meditate while lying down or use a guided meditation app to drift you off to sleep.

Now that we’ve gone over the techniques…

Not only do these tips aid you battle insomnia, it is also a great precursor to ensuring that you start off the next day on a high note! Read this article: How to Wake Up Early in the Morning, Motivated, and Energized to also master being a morning person.

how to sleep fast

Let’s now talk about the goodness the sleep brings.  We all know the


We’ve all heard these benefits throughout our lives, but as kids or younger people, we think we are immune to anything as we push as far as we can in staying up partying all night (or in my case, blogging all night). 

As we get older though, we realize the importance of sleep as we get more deprived due to the responsibilities that come with adulthood–

taking care of the ‘lil ones

finishing our master’s thesis

working 2-3 shifts

We know the usual drill!  Heard it from our parents, learned from our teachers, read from scholarly articles–sleep improves memory, better mood, better cognitive function, improved immune system, boosts emotional health, improves memory, yadi-yadi-yada.  But…

I’ll let you in on something….

how to sleep fast

Our brains LITERALLY shrinks in size the more sleep we lose.  And there is no way to “make up” lost hours.  In other words, sleeping 15 hours tonight will not make you catch up on those hours you lost the other night.  USE IT OR LOSE IT.  Once you miss those hours of sleep, there’s no way to get it back.

Once I heard about this, it scared the shit out of me! I don’t want my precious brain to shrink!  Now that you know this fact, hope it will change your perspective on sleep.

As you finish this article and you notice it is your bedtime during the time you’re reading this, turn off your phones, ipads, laptops, or whatever device you’re using and start your relaxing techniques to snooze your way to sleep.


How to Sleep Fast is part 20 and the last habit of the Perfecting Habits Series where you can join me in incorporating some habits that definitely changed the course and my outlook in life. Get your FREE Habit Tracker today, plus BONUS morning habits worksheets that you can use to help you build a life you enjoy!  

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