First Week Keto Experience

Want to know how my first week keto experience looks like?  If you’re curious how it will be like to transition into the ketogenic lifestyle, see if it is the right move for you, I think is is best to present to you how my experience was during the 1st week that I decided to do keto.

first week keto experience


I have finally found something that works for me that’s sustainable and gives me great results.  I would like to share my first week keto experience with you to help anyone out there struggling with health, weightless, or fitness in general.  This is how I transitioned from a carb eating machine to ketosis.

To dive deeper into the definition and benefits of the keto diet, hop on here to read further.  

Plus, here’s a video you can watch to experience the first week with me:

Day 1 – Learning Curve

Husband and I decided to do keto and I want to document my first week keto experience.  He’s done it before and he experienced good awesome results from it.  Although it’s very counterintuitive because it involves a lot of high fat intake, it has a lot of good health benefits.

A lot of people might argue and not believe that it works, but I’ve done a lot of research which makes so much sense to me.


1. Doing intermittent fasting.

2. Not really expecting anything different or drastic on day 1.  Today is more for learning, watching YouTube, googling information, and learning as much as we can because there are just too many information out there in the internet.  Gathering as much information as we can so we can choose whatever we think is right for our body.

3. Starting weight is 127.6 pounds

Day 2 – Feeling Weaker

1. Feeling a little weak.  Energy levels are low and I couldn’t even work out.

2. Consistently hungry–always eating food like a savage animal 🦁.   After every meal, I noticed that I get hungry within a span of a few minutes.  So I prepared and and snacked on

Macadamia nuts: 25 grams fat, 4 grams carbs, 3 grams protein

Pork rinds: 12 grams fat, 0 grams carbs, 16 grams protein

3.  Started to read labels and nutrition facts more consistently.  I wanted to get into ketosis quickly so I tracked my macronutrients.

Day 3 – The “Keto Flu”

1. Experienced some slight headache.  I usually don’t get headaches so not sure what was  going on.  Probably needed more water with some Himalayan salt to replenish electrolytes and minerals. 

Himalayan salts are known to have 84 minerals and is the best thing to consume when dehydrated.

Dehydration could be due to water flushing out from my system.  Carbs tend to make you retain water in your body.  As you deplete carbs from you system, you release these excess fluid along with essential minerals.  You will pee a lot and drinking a lot of water with Himalayan salt will definitely help!

2. Experiencing some soreness on my legs and hamstrings. Period-Like cramps on my back are also happening.  

3. Feeling dizzy and light-headed.  Went to bed super early because I was just extremely exhausted.

4. Decided to stop intermittent fasting.  Adding fasting into keto is too much change that my body can handle.  I suggest easing your way into keto first then incorporate intermittent fasting once you get the hang of keto.

Did some research and read about the “keto flu.”  These flu-like symptoms that I am going through during my first week keto experience are normal occurrences as your body goes through a shock.  From eating carbs every single day to totally depleting it down close to zero can give your system quite a change.  This is then a good sign that my body is going through the transition and I am doing something right.  

Day 4 – Choose Wisely When Eating Out

1. I woke up a bit more energized.  Still a little weak but not as bad as yesterday.

2. Meals for today:

    • I had eggs with cheese and hotdogs.  It’s definitely not the healthiest kind of fat but it will do for now.   I made some low carb, ket-approved almond pancakes.

Learned that meal prepping is always a good thing on any lifestyle or diet you partake.  Hotdogs might be “keto-friendly” since it is high fat and low carb, however, it is not high quality food.  

    • I love avocados and it’s a very good source of good quality fats.  We grabbed a lot from Costco along with organic unsweetened almond milk.  Almond milk is a good substitute for regular milk when you’re baking or making smoothies.

3. We’re going to go eat out and Google and MyFitnessPal are my go to resources when dining at restaurants.  We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant and meats and veggies are the safest bet.  Got myself some koobideh and skipped on the basmati rice and doubled up on the salad!

first week keto experience

Day 5 – Steady Energy Level

1. Feeling good today and not feeling weak at all.  Thinking of going back to that intermittent fasting just to boost ketosis quickly.  I’m not getting as hungry as I used to so skipping a meal sounds doable.  

2. During afternoon, energy level is still good.  Thinking that  I have surpassed the keto flu stage.

3. Did a mini grocery shopping to grab myself some heavy whipping cream, stevia, kerrygold butter, and coconut oil so I can try out the bulletproof coffee everyone is raving about.

  • Stevia is a healthy sugar substitute that comes from a plant that has no calories and carbohydrates.  It is about 300x sweeter than table sugar.
  • Kerrygold butter is awesome as it is grass-fed which makes it high in healthy saturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Coconut Oil is healthy saturated fats that is very stable in room temperature.  This makes it great for cooking as it has high smoke point and won’t degrade to release free radicals (bad for you) when exposed to high temp.
  • Most of these things can be found at your local Costco.  This is such a lifesaver as I would need plenty of these for everyday use.  Buying in bulk is also cheaper than purchasing from a regular grocery store.

Day 6 – Lost Some Pounds!

This morning I weighed myself and weighed around 122.4 lbs pounds.  My starting weight is 127.8  pounds.  I have lost around 5 lbs which is typical during the first week of the diet.  Most weight lost is all water weight.  

Although I know that it was mostly water, it’s very motivating to see the scale go down.  It helps me to keep going when I see instant change.  And I think this is the key of why I stuck with it compared to other eating lifestyle I’ve done before.

Day 7 – More Pee

1. Weight after 1 week of Keto is currently 122.8 lbs. 

2. I woke up I had a little bit of a headache. I’m not sure if it’s from lack of sleep or I probably must have eaten something last night.  I haven’t been getting enough sleep for the past few days.  Learned that this is a normal phase into keto.   

3. More peeing recently.  I do drink a lot of water every day but I go to restroom so much that I even get up in the middle of the night once or twice. 

4. Energy is going up and I feel like I don’t get tired easily.  However, my legs feel a little weak. Going up the stairs can be quite a challenge for my thighs.  Thinking of starting up workouts again to get stronger and leaner.  It’s about time since I have that energy back again.

first week keto experience


So many things I have learned throughout my first week keto experience and I commend myself for sticking with the diet strictly.  The following are my mini victories I have achieved:

  • Able to survive seven days without sugar. If you guys know me, that’s a miracle because I have a sweet tooth.
  • I found something that’s sustainable for me based on my preferences and lifestyle.
  • I was able to stick to it with a very disciplined mindset.
  • I found something I loved to do.  I enjoyed every single process involved and looking forward to living it.


Keto lifestyle is not just weight loss.  This is actually just a cherry on top.  After this first week keto experience, I realized that I am more after the mental health benefits that these ketones bring into your system that are definitely very beneficial to your health.  

Amongst all the diet or eating lifestyles I have tried, keto is something I would most likely stick to because it’s not limiting me with a lot of food.  I still get to eat the usual things I like such as butter, avocados, butter, steak, heavy whipping cream and never felt like I was depriving myself. 

If you are someone who not only want to lose the weight but to also improve their mental well-being, the keto lifestyle might just be the right thing for you.  Who does not want mental clarity, focus, clean energy for the brain, satiety, and to become a fat-burning machine?  

And when you do decide to go for it, this article will help you get started on what types of foods to include in your grocery list.  What are you waiting for?  Stock up on your pantry and

saying goodbye to unwanted weight!

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