Beginners No Equipment Workout

Are you a beginner on fitness?  No workout equipment or access to the gym?  No time for working out?   Here’s a beginners no equipment workout you can add to your routine so you can get rid of any excuses you might have!

beginners no equipment workout



If you answered “yes” to one or all of the questions, I feel yah!  But I’m sharing with you my go to exercise–the beginners no equipment workout–the simplest sets of exercises that you can do if:

  • Your fitness level is a beginner.  Meaning, you have never worked out or have never entered the gym before.  Gym can be intimidating for some people and getting comfortable with working out is the first step.
  • You have no equipment or have no gym membership.  Gyms can be quite expensive and sometimes, we need to prioritize more important things like food, our kids, mortgage.  I totally can relate!
  • Your space is limited.  Some of us live in an apartment or small spaces.  A lot of people are also into traveling and this would be useful in those hotel days.  
  • You have no time to spare.  Life can get super busy and working out can sometimes be placed on the back burner.  Although you really can make time if you want to.  Click here for my tip on how to “create” more hours in your day to make room for working out.

And if you find yourself dragging your butt to workout, read this article for tips on motivating yourself to workout.

The workout method comprises of circuits.


Circuit is a whole set of different exercises that you’re going to do back-to-back with little to no rest.  You do a whole set for one round and then start over again to do a second round of the whole circuit.


1. Two sets of Circuits:

    • Circuit 1 has an easy set of exercises with very basic types of movements.  Start off easy but you can always modify it to meet your fitness level.
    • Circuit 2 is similar to Circuit 1 but a bit more challenging.  This will be used once Circuit 1 has been mastered and you are ready to level up your fitness.  More challenging exercise routine is incorporated.

2. Each circuit has a set of exercises to be done 10-15 reps and 3-6 rounds.

3. Start with Circuit 1 exercises.  

4. Do 10 reps per exercise and 3 rounds of Circuit 1 if you’re a beginner.

5. Once your endurance increases, up the challenge by increasing the number of reps and rounds.

6. Once you’ve reached your fitness peak and mastered Circuit 1, do Circuit 2.

7. Progress your way through Circuit 2 as you did with Circuit 1.

8. Mix and match exercises or do both circuits in 1 sesh!

It’s really up to you how you want to challenge yourself and make the most out of these simple exercises.


Make sure to watch the video to see how the exercises are performed.  The following breaks down the circuits and some tips on how to make the most out of the workout.


1. Bodyweight Squats.  Engage your core and your knees should not go past your toes.  As you get up, push up with your heels.

beginners no equipment workout

2. Standard Pushups. Make sure your neck is neutral and aligned with your back.  Modify this workout to be easier by going on your knees.

beginners no equipment workout

3. Bodyweight Lunges.  Knees should go as far down as possible when doing lunges.  Just like the body weight squats, make sure that the other knee does not go past your toes.  To avoid this from happening, your hamstring and your lower leg form a 90 degree angle.

beginners no equipment workout

4. Glute Kickback.  Exercise works out the butt.  When lifting your leg, make a good squeeze on those behind to engage your glutes as much as possible and get the most out of this workout.

beginners no equipment workout

5. Tricep Dips.  Modify this exercise to make it easier or harder as you like.  For a more challenging feel, place your feet as far as you can.  And for an easier version, place it as close to your butt as possible.   

beginners no equipment workout


1. Jump Squats. Just like a regular squat but with added jump to not only work your quads, but also improves your cardiovascular.

2. One Leg Pushups.  Making it harder by lifting one leg up.   Make sure that your back is flat and your butt is down.  Watch out for chin drifting towards your chest and butt lifting up as you start to feel tired.   

beginners no equipment workout

3. Jumping Lunges.  This is the same as the basic bodyweight lunges except with addition of jumps to add in some cardio.  

4. Burpees.  Oh that love/hate relationship with the burpees.  You gotta love them for the intensity it gives any workout routine.  This will surely increase your heart rate and make you sweat as hell!

beginners no equipment workout

5. Frog Jumps.  Another variety of a squat jump, except you go forward and backwards.  The same rules apply as the squats

Make sure your knees do not go past your toes and

Go as low as you can.  Remember, ass to the grass!

beginners no equipment workout

6. Lying Back Extension.  This exercise works your lower back. You can put your hands behind your head or behind your back to make it easier.   If you want it more challenging, you can place your arms outward like I’m doing right here:

beginners no equipment workout

Be slow and in control as you go down.


This is a simple, beginners level, bodyweight exercises that you can really do anywhere you go. You can customize it to your level, but keep in mind that

you are comfortable with each movement before you progress to a more challenging move.

On top of the tips above, here are some ways you can increase the intensities:

  • Increase repetitions and sets
  • Add cardio movements
  • Increase the amount of exercise per week
  • Incorporate weights by using simple equipments such as dumbbells, weighted vests, or ankle weights.  If you have no access to weights at all, use everyday household items like water bottles, canned goods, or anything you can find lying around the house.  

Get creative and customize it to your strength level.  This beginners no equipment workout shows that you don’t really need the fancy equipments or gym memberships.  You can save time and money and be in the best shape of your life!



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