My Keto Transformation

Let me start this keto transformation with a disclaimer: I didn’t really have much to lose.  I wasn’t obese or overweight, but I did have a few pounds that I was so eager to lose–you know that stubborn pounds that just won’t budge? 

Well, they budged!  And came with it are tons of other benefits–which basically is the majority of the reason of why I stuck with the newly found lifestyle.  It worked wonderfully for me and transformed me in many shapes and forms. 

I am sharing my keto transformation with you in the hopes of inspiring you guys that are looking into the keto lifestyle.  To the believers, the raving fans, and even to the skeptics, my physical and mental shifts should inspire you to work harder towards your health and fitness goals.

keto transformation



It all started with with my 3 kids and as we all know, weight gain comes with each pregnancy.  The first pregnancy was pretty easy.  I was young (20-years young), my metabolism still super fast, therefore, allowing to bounce back to pre-pregnancy weight fairly quickly.  

Second pregnancy (at 25 years old) was more of experimenting and lots of trial-and-error.  P90X, Insanity, and Beachbody became a household name.  Similar to the first, I was also able to lose weight and go back to a decent weight.

Dirty 30 came and it came with my 3rd lovely baby.  And excuses started pouring in:

Too tired.  No energy left.”

Too much things to do.  No time left

But I was desperate to lose the baby weight so I managed to squeeze in some workouts despite my limited time.  Sooooo desperate, I’ve reverted with so many types of dieting–crash diet, unhealthy restrictive diets, extremely low-calories.  You name it, and I’ve done it!

It was a success story because of all the weight lost, but only lasted for so long as I would gain it back as fast as I lost it.

The Epiphany

Until one day, as lightning probably struck me without me knowing it (like that’s possible), I got into the personal development world just like any other 30-sumthin’ elderly millennial would go through. And just like any other personal development, self improvement, self love, or whatever else you prefer to call it, health and fitness is an integral part.  You know,

“You can’t pour with an empty cup.”

I’ve been hearing about keto lately–even my husband has done the  ketogenic diet.  So I decided to give it a try.  See my first week experience on keto here.

OMG guys! I was hooked it was all I could talk about.  Why?

1. I was seeing results right on the very first week
2. So many mental and physical benefits


1. Shred Last Few Pounds
Most of us hit plateau after losing the first pounds.  Those first pounds are easy to lose especially if you have a lot to lose.  But when plateau strikes, the keto diet should shock your system and break the plateau–especially if it’s something you have never done before.

How?  Keto turns you into a “fat-burning machine.”  Depleting sugar and carbohydrates will revert your body to using fat as your energy source, therefore, shredding those stubborn last few 5 pounds!    

2. Shred Weight Quickly  
Carbohydreates makes you retain water.  As you deplete carbs from your system, you lose weight fast as you flush out all the excess water.  

Although these pounds lost were the “water weight,” it will motivate and excite you to push through it.  

Of course each individual will have different experiences.  Just to illustrate, I WAS LOSING 1 POUND A DAY until it slowed down after the 7th day. If you have more weight to lose, it will keep going until you hit pleated. 

3. More Energy
When your body reverts to fat as its source of energy, you get into the state of ketosis where your liver produces ketones from fat.  Energy produced through ketones are much more efficient than the energy produced from carbohydrates.  Think “cleaner energy” just like the electric vehicles.

4. Tone Up and Fit Into Your Clothes Comfortably
The drive was revved up high, you’re ecstatic with the results, and your energy is high!  You’ll be motivated to do more workouts because you will want those results faster.

As you workout more, your body composition will drastically change as you tone up and build more muscles.  You’ll love this part as you see your self confidence sky rocket as you fit more and more into your clothes comfortably.

keto transformation


1. Relationship with Food
The increased motivation during the first few weeks in keto is what contributes to your success.  The fact that ketosis is measurable, using devices like Keto Mojo or the Keto Coach, will make you want to stick to it.  You will

  • Learn to listen to your body
  • Learn how to identify hunger signs and only eat when your really hungry
  • Reach for healthier foods
  • Be satiated for longer periods of time
  • Have less to no cravings at all
  • Learn to not beat yourself up when you slip here and there

These transformations–all because you will be cautious on potentially kicking yourself out of ketosis.

keto transformation
I choose food wisely now when eating out

2. Relationship with Your Body
The discipline that resulted from improving your relationship with food will also translate to working out.  You’ll notice more desire to workout not just to lose weight, but more on achieving the mental benefits that the ketogenic diet brings.  You will NO LONGER lose weight because

You think you look disgusting

You want to look good enough

You want to look good for something else

You will want lose the weight because you love yourself, you love your body, and you deserve to be healthy.


My physical transformation is not that tremendous compared to the other amazing keto transformation we all see on the internet.  But it is share-worthy as I believe that the MINDSET SHIFT IS THE BEST TRANSFORMATION THAT ANYONE CAN GO THROUGH.

Mindset is what that makes any eating lifestyle successful.  Shift your mind to focus on the mental benefits and changes and I assure you that you will reach your goals in no time!

To our transformation!

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