How to Get Back into Ketosis After a Cheat Day

The holidays are around the corner and for us “dieting” or trying to lose weight, it can be a dreaded time of the year because of all the gatherings and good food.  And if you’re doing keto, it’s that pressure of getting kicked out of ketosis that gets you. But you don’t have to stress yourselves avoiding all of the good food!

Because there is a way to get back into ketosis—FAST!

get into ketosis


It’s not only the holidays that gets the best out of us.  We are all humans and we cant be 100% perfect with our nutrition all the time.  Plus, with only one life to live, it does not seem right to not enjoy some of the good tasting (although bad for us) food around us.  

My goal, after all, is to find balance in whatever lifestyle we choose to live so that we don’t feel deprived.

Click video below to watch my experience in my very first cheat meal after being strict keto for 2 months!

Watch video here

Here are 5 things you can do to get back into ketosis after enjoying your treat meals.


1. Fast as long as you can.  Fasting is another way to get into ketosis.  When fasting, you are depleting your carbohydrate source triggering release of ketones. 

Tip: Don’t take fasting after indulging as punishment because it will attach a negative connotation to fasting.  Think of the health benefits of fasting–autophagy (“old cells” are replaced by “new cells”), metabolism boost, brain function improvement, etc.

2. Drink black coffee.  During your fasting, you are allowed to drink black coffee (without creamer and sugar) and it won’t break your fast.  Caffeine is also shown to increase production of ketones especially after an overnight fast.

get back into ketosis

3. Consume high quality fats.  When breaking your fast, eat your high fats first thing before eating your carbohydrates.  Ketogenic diet is essentially a high-fat low-carb style and eating your fats first makes sense in revving up your ketosis.

4. Increase your physical activity or intensity of workouts.  This will decrease your glycogen stores and your body will find an alternative fuel source.  This signals liver to produce more ketones to supply you of the energy you need to perform your workouts.

get back into ketosis

If you’re new to working out, just adding some simple exercises or daily activities will create huge difference.  

Check out this post for Beginners No Equipment Workout — a whole body workout that does not require equipment.  You only need yourself to show up and you will be working out in no time.

5. Fasted workout.  Take it up a notch by combining items # 1 and 4.  Fasted workouts will combine the best of fasting and workout world in terms of getting you into ketosis faster.


    • If you want to keep a healthy lifestyle sustainable, it’s important to still enjoy the food that we life in moderation.  As humans, the more we deprive ourselves, the more we want the things we cannot eat. So it’s definitely okay to have those treats as long as you don’t pig out.
    • NEVER feel guilty when eating those treats.  Food should not make you feel bad if you maintain this healthy relationship with it.
    • After you have already surpassed that initial newness to keto, you won’t experience the dreaded keto flu any more.  After being on keto for a period of time, you should already be fat adapted and should be able to get back into ketosis if you follow these tips. 

Enjoy food, enjoy life!

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