Introducing: AREO fitness 1:1 Coaching Program

I started off this blog as an outlet to distract myself from a curve ball that life threw at me.  Along the journey, I found myself and worked more on loving myself.

I developed and improved every inch of my body and all aspect of my life.  From my mindset, emotions, to physical.  I took care of finances, relationships, hobbies, and overall health.

This then naturally rolled over to the fitness world. 😁

It’s not a total change of what I used to write.  After all, self development is a huge part of health and fitness.  In fact, without it, success in fitness would not be possible without the things you’ll learn from the personal development world.

But this blog will be more niched down to the health and fitness world.

online fitness coaching

AREO Fitness 1:1 Online Fitness Coaching

I think it is only appropriate to properly introduce myself for those who are new here on my blog (I’ve gained quite a number of you since I started).  And for those of you who have been following, it might be a good update for you.

Hi my name is Carla, and welcome to AREO fitness!  Yes, I now run a 1 on 1 coaching program to help busy moms make time for fitness without giving up their favorite food so they can regain confidence, cultivate self love, and harness more energy and time for family.  

Meet the Coach

I am an engineer by profession…graduated with chemical engineering background….but have full-time obsession with fitness.  I have always been into working out since I was in my teens but never really had structure to it.  

online fitness coaching

Just followed some ready programs like

Jillian Michaels

hardcore p90x


…and all the infomercial workouts

I have 3 kids started really young at 19.  So all my adult life, I have gone through weight gains, and quest to weight loss.  I would successfully get to my prebaby weight, it’s so easy to lose the numbers…

just don’t eat and do 2x cardio a day, 5x a week right? 

Well that’s how ignorant i was when I was doing it and didn’t have a mentor.  Of course I could do my reasearch online to do it right, but I was always after the quickest route to get me to that 115lbs!  I have starved myself, tried several fad diets, anything that sounded easy to do and promising.  

I did lose the weight, reached 115 lbs, but I was soft and my ideal shape was not there. 

I always knew nutrition was 80% of the journey and exercise was 20…weve all heard that 80-20 rule…but for some reason, I was never attracted to it. 

Then as time passed, I tried the keto diet because it was the thing.  From there I learned so much about food control since it is somewhat restrictive—I had to eliminate carbs.  But it worked wonderfully for me and I felt the body change physically and from the inside.  I felt more energy! 

So it opened me up to the idea of how everything would be so much better if I really took time on my nutrition.  7 months later, I had so much success with keto but I transitioned into IIFYM a.k.a. flexible dieting.

With this style of eating, I was consuming all types of food, without any restriction.  I was able to still eat and enjoy any types of food from broccoli to my all time fave, creme brûlée. 

And I also for the first time, hired a coach.  The coach part covered accountability, I was obliged to stick to it and stay consistent with my eating.  And sticking with my nutrition really brought the physique change I was looking for.  

Working out is the easy part, all I gotta do was show up.  Having control of my food intake was the hardest part.  So flexible dieting offered me the most sustsinable lifestyle and that’s what I want to impart in this program.


AREO fitness Mission

In this program, we will get down to what you need to focus on, cut out all the fluff, and really hone down on what will give you results.  I will provide you with ALL the tools you need for you to one day be well-equipped to sustain this lifestyle on your own.  We will acquire a sustainable lifestyle, build the body you want and stay there—permanently.


online fitness coaching


So as I mentioned earlier, a coach is just that…I am here to guide you, provide you with support that you need, not only on your workout programs, but also emotional support. 

1. I strongly believe that fitness journey does not only entail workouts and eating…it’s really a lot more mindset invovled.  A lot of this stems from the mind, and a lot of your success depends on how you can overcome the mind and emotional challenges. 

You can search the workouts and meal plans online easily…there are a lof of those available for free. 

But with a coach on your side, you will be mentored every step of the way, so you can come out of this course well equipped with what you need to sustain a lifestyle.

2. We will keep constant communication with each other.  We will monitor every progress and struggles you encounter…we will discuss everything it takes to get you to your goal. 


I would be so damn excited to work with you if you are willing to put in the hard work.  This program is not for you if:

❌ you want quick-fixes

❌ you are not willing to learn and surpass the learning curve

❌ you don’t like challenges

❌ you are not willing to finally invest on yourself

Other than that, together, we will get you to your #fitgoals !

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