How to Take Body Measurements and Fitness Progress Photos

Tired of not seeing the scale move?  I know it can be frustrating to not see the numbers go down.  You’ve worked so hard, sweat so hard, and had your nutrition on point but still–the weight won’t budge!  Did you know there are other ways that are even more accurate in terms of tracking your  fitness progress?  Two more things you can add to your scale as a data point in seeing your results:

fitness progress

Body Measurements and Fitness Progress Photos

Measuring your body parts is really a great tool to see your fitness progress.  Please don’t just depend solely on the number on the scale.  You can be losing weight because of fat, water, or even lean mass loss.  Since you can’t be to sure of what you’re losing, scale numbers arenot the best indicator of your progress.  It is still a good tool to track your progress–the more tools you use, the better and more accurate you can be when tracking.  

I require my 1:1 online coaching clients (check out my coaching here or straight up apply here) to submit measurements and photos when they start to have to have something to compare to as we progress through my coaching program.  They are also required to submit measurements and photos every check-in.  To stay consistent, I teach them how to measure and take pictures.

How to Measure Your Body Parts

What you need:  a tape measure 

What to measure: chest, hips, wait, thighs, arms, and calves

How to measure:

Chest:  Measure around the nipple line which should be the widest part of your chest

Waist: Measure the narrowest part of your core.  If you can’t find a narrow part, you can measure around your belly button.  Just make sure you do it at that same spot every time you take your measurements.

 Hips: Measure around the widest part of your butt.

Thighs: Measure around the thickest part of the thigh.  If you can’t determine which one is the thickest part, start from the middle part of your knee, and find the 10-inch point up to your thigh.  Measure your thigh circumference at that 10-inch point.   

 Calves:  Measure the thickest part of your calf.  

Arms: You should be standing up with palms facing forward, relaxed, then you measure the thickest part of your arms or your biceps.  

fitness progress


1. Every time you take your measurements, make sure you remember the exact spot you measure and stay consistent. Being consistent will give you the most accurate reflection of your progress.

2. Make sure the measuring tape is taut when you’re measuring around that area of the body part–not too tight not, too loose

3. Do your measurements right after you wake up and first thing in the morning.  Ideally after you go to the restroom and before you exercise.  When you exercise, your muscles are inflamed and you’re not going to get accurate measurements.

4. Take your measurements without clothes.

  1. Don’t flex the  body part. You can even ask someone to measure for you if needed.  

How to Take Fitness Progress Photos

Another form of progress tracking, and is probably my favorite one because it’s true what they say 

photos are worth a thousand words

…And there’s no other way to see changes in your body better than taking progress photos.


  1. The main angles that are usually useful is the front, side, and the back of your body.
  1. Same as taking your measurements, be consistent as you can be.  Wear the same type of clothing.  If possible, wear the same clothing items every time you take photos.   
  1. Take pictures at an eye level or straight angle.  Don’t take photos from  the top or bottom angle or because it will skew the way you see your progress.       
  1. Take photos first thing in the morning before you exercise and eat. 

fitness progress

You now have some tools to track your progress.  All you have to do is actually start with your journey.

Thinking of starting to workout is great.  But not having a solid plan on how to start and make it stick is what fails a lot of people.

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