The Best Way to Lose Weight

The Best Way to Lose Weight

A few months into the new year and how are you guys doing with all your fitness goals?  Are you still hanging in there or are you already starting to fall off the wagon?  Are you doing all you can to ensure you are doing the best way to lose weight?

I know the reason why people are falling off the wagon.

Does this sound familiar?

If you are ready to end this cycle, read on or watch below:

People get excited December 31st planning all the stuff that they’re going to do and the new year’s resolutions and goals for the next year.  People get excited, all hyped up that they’re going to crush their goals.  They’re determined to do everything they said they will that’s listed on their planner.  But three weeks into it they fall off.

One of the top reason is that people are just so impatient!

People want instant gratification.  We live in a world where we get everything almost instantly. 

Amazon prime, for example. Who complains when you get something beyond

the promised two days?

Anyone with social media who gets likes and comments on their social media get that instant dopamine hit when somebody likes their post right away.

Remember those times of snail mails where you don’t get a reply until weeks later.  Nowadays, you get everything almost instantly, and that translates to dieting or fitness journey as well.

Are you Impatient?

Impatient individials are are usually in it for the quick fixes.  They quit right before the point where changes should occur.  They don’t realize that once they can only push more beyond that threshold, the ball will keep rolling.  

These people are usually trapped in fad diets, diet pills, and slimming teas that promises the quick fixes.

You don’t want to fall into this trap so here are the signs you should look for:

1. You get excited at first and then you get frustrated after after a few weeks or months when you don’t see results.  i.e. 6-packs in 90 days.  

90-day programs will get the ball rand get you started, but you need to work beyond the 90 days.  It’s going to take years of hard work and dedication for you to actually reach your ultimate goals.

2. You try all the fad diets that come out yearly.  You reach for the detox teas that celebrities endorse.  You might also become a distributor of weight loss products under what we call “pyramid schemes” or MLMs.  

These MLM companies offering you promises that you will lose weight but with an additional disclaimer of “works best accompanied with exercise and clean diet.

No shit, it works!!!!

Of course it works!!!

Because all you really need is need to do is just straighten up your diet and exercise. You don’t need any products.  All you need is food, exercise, and patience.  

What You Need to do to be Successful in Your Weight Loss Goals

1) Accept the fact that all good things take time.  And it is worth it!  Not only does it take time, it takes a lot of effort.

2) Focus on making sustainable changes and that you will be doing this for a lifetime.  Think  BIG PICTURE.

Think about the most fitness cliche you have ever heard:

“Fitness is a lifestyle.”

Because it should be a lifelong journey.  And if you think this way, results will start coming — guaranteed!

3) Create a routine.  Having a routine everyday means you have created a habit.  And once all these good health habits have been ingrained in you, it becomes natural and all small changes will add up.

Maybe add some daily walking into your morning routine.  Aim for 7,000 steps then work your way to 10k or more.

Start adding vegetables into your diet.  Focus on what you can add instead of what you can remove to avoid that feeling of deprivation.

If you’re having a hard time getting up to do your workouts, here’s an article to get you motivated to workout.

And if you are tired of cashing out on diet pills and trying out different fad diets, this is your permission to go ahead and drop it!  It’s time you do things right this time and chase after long-term sustainable results!

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