The 4 Pillars of Fitness Success

The 4 Pillars of Fitness Success

Whatever your journey is, whatever you’re trying to achieve in terms of your health and fitness goals I believe there are four pillars that we need to work on.  These 4 pillars of fitness will make sure that you stick to it and to make sure that you are successful in whatever you are trying to do.

Losing weight or toning up does not have to be hard.  It can be confusing to a lot of people so let’s  make things simpler.  

Whatever your goals are, use this as your roadmap to a successful fitness journey

The 4 Pillars

1. Planning &  Goal setting

If you don’t have a plan, goals, and you are going into your fit journey without any direction, you are not going to go anywhere. You’re just going to go around in circles like a hamster running in their wheel.

  • You have to have a destination, identify specific goals including short-term and long-term goals.  Brainstorm and do a session of brain dumping into your journal.
  • Identify which ones are short-term and which ones fall under the long-term goal category. 
  • Identify your WHY,  your ultimate reason why you’re doing this in the first place.   To really get into the BIG WHY, ask yourself 5x.  Why do you want to start your fitness journey?

You want to lose weight?  WHY?

You want to lose weight to look good? WHY?

You want to look good to feel confident?  WHY?

You want to finally feel good about yourself and be the best version of yourself?  WHY?

You want to be the best version of yourself so you can raise your kids around a parent that can be there for them and  be a positive model for them.

  • Set a timeline.  Fitness journey should be a lifelong endeavor and a lifestyle.  But, long-term goals consist of shorter term goals.  Setting a timeline or deadlines for those goals could give you that push and motivation.  
  • Visualizing your goals.  How does it feel to be achieving those goals?  This really helps in times where you are losing the motivation, falling off the wagon, or you’re not feeling good. 

goal setting worksheet printable

2. Actions

Nothing will get you to your goals besides taking action.  It doesn’t have to be a big leap and it doesn’t have to be a sudden 180 degree change.   Taking action means putting your foot one step forward.  Doing 1% more than you did yesterday, and doing so every single day adds up.   

Focusing on the long-term crazy goals, can get so intimidating and focusing on the tiny bite sized action items will give us that small wins that makes us feel good about ourselves.

In terms of your fit journey, these actions can include your exercises and figuring out the best schedule that works for you.  You schedule out your monthly and weekly tasks that work towards your goals.   

In terms of nutrition, your action steps can include straightening up your eating habits and align it to the lifestyle of your choice.  


3. Progress

You need to track your progress so you know where you need to improve and if you are headed to the right direction.    Tracking your progress involves doing self check-ins regularly (or with your fitness coach if you have one).  This can be in form of weekly taking of body measurements, progress photos, weight, strength performance at the gym,  endurance, sleep, energy, etc.  

Here’s an article on How to Take Your Body Measurements and Progress Photos.


4. Consistency

You can have all your stuff planned out and your goals set up, but if you don’t have the consistency to stick to it, you’re not going to be successful.

Picture this, you have your new workout and nutrition plan, new workout gears, new sneakers, and excited to hit the gym.  How do you keep this momentum going?  How long will this new excitement last?

Keep the following in mind if you want to achieve consistency:

  • Identify all the challenges or roadblocks that you could possibly face and brainstorm possible solutions or things you can do to dodge these roadblocks.  

Some examples are holidays and special occasions which are part of everyone’s lives.  If you are known to overeat and give into temptations, you should have a thought out plan on how you’re going to deal with it that will set you up for success 

  • Celebrate wins–big or small, especially non-scale victories (NSV).  Examples of NSVs are hitting your  macros or calories for the day, increased 5-lb dumbbell weights to 10, and fitting into your favorite jeans.

How to stay motivated in life

  • Perseverance is also part of consistency. Once you’ve identified the roadblocks and what you need  to do when it happens, it’s your perseverance that will set you apart from people who quit right away.  

What you DON’T do is double up on the workouts and under eat the next day.  Doing this will turn exercise and eating as punishments turning your fitness journey into a negative experience.   

  • When you slip from your plan, you can choose to quit or you can choose to hop back on track right away.  Choose the latter and forget about what happened, don’t dwell on your indulgence or happy hour with your friends.  Those are memories made and shouldn’t be something that you regret.

Go back to your WHY, the real reason you’re doing this, beyond the two-piece bikini that you want to wear for summer. 

  • As humans, we tend to run away from the pain or head towards pleasure in order to drive change in our lives.   Staying in the same place that you don’t enjoy hurts.  Changing to work towards your ideal life feels amazing.  


These are the 4  pillars of fitness that I wanted to simplify for you guys.   If you just keep those four things in mind, I can guarantee that you will be successful in whatever  fitness goals you’re trying to reach.  

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