Who is Carla?


Hello everyone!  I’m sincerely happy to have you around.  My name is Carla, as the blog title says.  I would say that I have a great life.  Great husband, kids, education, and other things that are supposed to be measures of success.  Of course, nothing is perfect as we all know.  Sometimes, things come into your life, knocking the hell out of you, rattling every inch of molecules in your body and brain [ouch!  It hurts just writing about it].  But I choose to be happy and grateful with the things that I have.  I use the energy, positive or negative, to feed my soul everyday, so I can make sure that I can contribute and make an impact to the world we live in.


The truth is, I have never been this way.  I didn’t think that I have full control of what and how I’m going to feel.  I’ve always thought that my feelings resulted from the things happening to me and what people do to me.  In short, I let myself get affected, and I reacted to outside forces.

A day came when something terrible happened to me.  And I mean turrrrrrible.   I saw darkness like I’ve never seen before, felt sadness like I’ve never felt before, said horrible things like I’ve never said before.  But something instantly hit me one morning as I woke up.  What exactly it is that knocked me into my senses, I don’t know.  But wow, it’s life changing!  I was leading a good life to begin with but I had no sense of direction.  I was content, but I had no vision and no goals.  I was a slob in every way—house, money, time.  I just had no clue.   It’s not that I didn’t have it.  I just didn’t care!

You know that saying “there must be a reason for this” every time we experience something tragic in our lives?   Well it’s one of those.  But mine didn’t happen out of luck.  I took control.  I took that tragedy and used it to work on myself and improve myself in every way.  It’s still a work in progress, and it will always be a work in progress.  I learned that we should never stop sharpening ourselves, never stop striving to achieve the best version of ourselves.

To summarize, I was basically in the brink of depression.  I can’t speak in behalf of those who has it or have been there, but I can say that it was the darkest and loneliest sector of life–and this is just a glimpse of it!  I cannot imagine how it feels like to actually have let myself go and fall into its traps.  I was fortunate to realize it early enough for me to take life’s driver’s seat and cruise.  To punch depression in the face and show that it messed with the wrong gal!  I did not go through this suffering to get out with nothing!


I will use this medium of blogging not only as a creative outlet, but to reach out to those that are going through the same path.  To show you that in a world full of chaos, there could be order; a world full of ugliness, there could be beauty; a world full of  terror, there could hope–when we take control.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering.

I loved makeup ever since but didn’t know what I was doing back then

I graduated 2008–that time where no jobs were available and no one was willing to give you a chance because of the lack of experience so you say “how am I going to gain experience if you don’t give me a chance?”–yes, remember that time?    Anyone that graduated around that time knows what I’m talking about.  But that’s okay.  I finished 5 long years of engineering school while married and with one baby [at that time].  That’s a HUGE accomplishment for me!

Wow…college years!

It was frustrating at first, but it was perfect timing to have our second child.  I used that jobless time to stay home and focus on our kids.  Plus, I finally landed a job after 4 years of searching.  That was a nice vacation until it lasted 😉  I now work for a medical device company as a QA Specialist, became a Chemist, then currently a Quality Engineer.  Things worked out well after all.


Speaking of kids, I have 3!  My husband and I started really early and had our first child when I was 20 and he was 21 [now my eldest is taller than me].  So I was basically going to my Physics class with my growing belly.  Imagine the gasps and confused face on my classmates’ face when they see me everyday.  I only found out about this later when they admitted it to me.  I guess that explains my eldest daughter’s intelligence.  She was learning Physics and Calculus when she was a fetus.

I had a backpack and a “frontpack”

Then we had two more babies, boy and girl and they’re all 5 years apart from each other.  Talk about family planning, eh?  That would be it for our growing family, and this would be it for my ABOUT PAGE.  Hopefully, that gave you some insights on the author of this blog.  I’m also looking forward to getting to know some of my readers someday.

Remember, nobody’s perfect.  But there’s nothing wrong in perfecting ourselves to achieve excellence.